CoD players want Warzone 2 to introduce quitting penalties

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With Warzone 2 on the horizon, CoD fans have urged Infinity Ward to take cues from games like Rocket League and Valorant and introduce penalties for those who quit mid-game.

Warzone 2 finally drops on November 16, and Infinity Ward are introducing plenty of new spins of the battle royale gameplay we know and love. AIs are set to appear on the map for the first time in Strongholds, and even the circle mechanic has been overhauled.

The sequel also marks an opportunity for the developers to fix any lingering issues that the community has with the first Warzone, and they’ve been vocal about a number of changes they want to see.

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The latest problem on the hitlist is players quitting halfway through the game, and fans have called for Infinity Ward to look at titles like Rocket League and start issuing penalties.

Warzone 2 players want matchmaking penalties for quitters

Having squadmates quit on you mid-game can be extremely frustrating, especially if you enjoy the tactical gameplay of a Squads match but don’t have enough friends online to fill out a full team.

One of your random teammates leaving right away or after being sent to the Gulag places you at an immediate disadvantage, and can easily ruin a match through no fault of your own.

To combat this, Reddit user EternalMage321 posted asking the devs to introduce an incentive for players to remain in the game in Warzone. They said: “Can we please get a 5-minute cool down for early quitters?”

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This is something that other games, like Rocket League, have used to great success. Any player who deliberately backs out of a match before it’s over is given a five-minute matchmaking ban, forcing them to sit in the main menus before they can hop back in.

The main obstacle would be identifying when a player has purposefully left a match early and when they were accidentally disconnected. Again though, the likes of Rocket League and Valorant have figured this out and even allow players to reconnect to the same game after being kicked.

If the devs could pull off a similar system in Warzone 2, it seems as though fans would love to see it introduced.

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“They really should add this,” said one reply. “If they add the ability to reconnect to disconnected/crashed games, I’m all for this,” agreed another.

Infinity Ward are yet to reveal whether or not they’ve got something up their sleeve to deal with quitters in Warzone 2, but there’s no doubt that a system like this would make matches far more enjoyable for those relying on randoms.