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CoD Mobile devs explain Season 2 battle royale changes: New modes, Alcatraz, more

Published: 12/Mar/2021 6:40 Updated: 12/Mar/2021 4:01

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale experience is changing quite significantly throughout Season 2 as the developers have detailed all-new modes, vehicles, and one huge adjustment for Alcatraz.

Season 2 of CoD Mobile is finally upon us and that means all new content is now available. While fresh maps and weapons steal the spotlight, there are plenty of key battle royale changes that weren’t addressed in the patch notes.

If you’re an avid battle royale player, you’ll notice some of these changes upon dropping in, while others will be making an impact throughout the season.

After taking a “new approach” in Season 1, that same trend will be continuing in Season 2. Playlists will be on a constant rotation while new content is filtered in. Here’s everything there is to know.


Alcatraz no longer permanent in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Alcatraz gameplay
Alcatraz will no longer be a permanent map in CoD Mobile.

What may come as a surprise, the popular Alcatraz map will no longer be a permanent fixture. This decision comes down to a lower player base than other locations, according to the devs.

“With any mode or map, the permanency of that solely relies on how much it is being played,” they explained in a March 10 community update. While there is plenty of positive reception about Alcatraz, we no longer wish to keep it constantly active and are bringing it back to the limited time mode rotation.”

This means you’ll only be able to drop into the map for set periods of time. The first is planned for April 9, so you won’t have to wait too long to get into Alcatraz.


New CoD Mobile BR mode: Tank Battle

CoD Mobile Tank gameplay
Tanks are all the rage in CoD Mobile’s next BR playlist.

With a continued focus on limited-time modes, the major addition for Season 2 has been revealed. Tank Battle is on the way to CoD Mobile throughout the season and while details are scarce, we have an idea of how it’ll play out.

Tank Battle is set to arrive on March 19 and provide a vehicle-based alternative to the BR experience. It’s “unlike anything [they’ve] had before in the game.”

“Tank warfare is the focus,” they explained. There will also be “new mechanics” exclusive to the mode. An accompanying picture highlights how players are able to call in their own tanks. This means every player could be in their own armored vehicle at the same time. 


CoD Mobile Season 2 BR schedule

CoD Mobile BR schedule
The full BR schedule for Season 2.

Last but not least, the developers provided a rundown on Season 2’s playlist rotation. Blitz is currently in effect until Tank Battle arrives, then we’ll be treated to three unique modes as the season rolls on. 

The final Season 2 playlist comes to an end on April 16, perhaps indicating Season 3’s start date. Below is a full list of every limited-time mode available throughout the current season.

  • March 10 – March 18: BR Blitz
  • March 19 – March 25: BR Tank Battle
  • March 26 – April 1: BR Sniper
  • April 2 – April 8: BR Warfare
  • April 9 – April 16: BR Alcatraz

With fresh content always on the way, you’ll have plenty of unique drops to look forward to in Season 2.