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CoD Mobile December 7 patch notes: New events, Perks, more

Published: 8/Dec/2020 6:23 Updated: 8/Dec/2020 6:24

by Brad Norton


Another new Call of Duty: Mobile update has been deployed as fresh Challenges, equipment, and plenty more, have all been revealed in the December 7 patch notes.

CoD Mobile seasons are always crammed full of content at every twist and turn. Just as weeks begin to wind down, the next few days of downloads are all mapped out for the community to look forward to.

The December 7 patch notes have just been revealed and as usual, there’s a ton to be excited about. From an entirely new Perk, teasers for an upcoming map, fresh weapons on the horizon, and of course, new Challenges, there’s a bunch to keep you busy.


While not all of this content has been deployed in the game today, we’ve got a new roadmap for incoming events to give us a rough idea. Here’s everything there is to know about the December 7 CoD Mobile update.

New events in CoD Mobile

CoD Moible events
Nailbiter is one of a few incoming events to look forward to in CoD Mobile.

First up, each new update couldn’t start out with a look at the events to come. There’s always something going on in CoD Mobile and the next week appears to be no different. You’ll have at least five unique events coinciding with one another over the next few days.

Kicking off with this update is the Rapid Fire Mode event. Three multiplayer-centric events will be kicking off from December 9 to December 11, with an additional Void Redux Draw return on the same date as well.


You can see the full overview of CoD Mobile events for the week below.

  • 12/02 – 12/08 ~ Industrial Revolution Playlist (MP)
  • 12/02 ~ Last Two S12 Seasonal Challenges
  • 12/04 – 12/10 ~ Best of FTL (MP)
    • A playlist collection of close-quarters maps
  • 12/04 – 12/14 ~ Beast of Burden (BR)
    • Battle Royale event with a large variety of tasks to tackle
  • 12/04 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 12/07 – 12/14 ~ Rapid Fire Mode (MP)
  • 12/09 – 12/17 ~ Nailbiter Event (MP)
  • 12/11 – 12/19 ~ Steadfast Event (MP)
  • 12/11 – 12/13 ~ Solo Shield (Ranked)
  • 12/11 ~ The Void Redux Draw
    • This highly popular and fantastically futuristic draw is back

Final Seasonal Challenges of Season 12

CoD Mobile perk
You can get your hands on this Launcher Perk for the next few days.

Next, you’ve got the final batch of Challenges to tick off before Season 12 comes to an end. ‘Rocket Til’ You Drop It’ and ‘Take The Wheel’ are both six-part Seasonal Challenges that you’ll have to complete if you want to unlock everything before Season 13 arrives.

The first will award a few Uncommon and Rare goodies, though the final unlock will make it more than worthwhile. There’s an entirely new Perk up for grabs here. Launcher Plus is only available through this Challenge and allows you to carry additional ammo with all Launchers.


Take The Wheel is aimed at Battle Royale players instead, offering a few key items over the course of the next week. Everything from new skins to weapon camos can all be yours just for getting through the latest Challenges.

Additionally, the latest patch comes with a ton of bug fixes to keep the experience stable. From loot issues on Alcatraz to Mythic Cards disappearing, if you’ve been having problems lately, expect most of the major issues to be resolved here.