Symfuhny rages after dying to another Warzone cheater: “It’s every game”

. 2 years ago
Symfunhy and Ghost from CoD warzone
YouTube: Symfunhy/Activision

Twitch star Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier slammed Call of Duty: Warzone after having yet another game completely ruined by a hacker using an aimbot. 

Since launching back in March, Warzone has proven to be incredibly popular with both Call of Duty and battle royale fans, and it has cemented itself among the upper echelon of BR titles. 

While most players dive into Verdansk without cheats, there are plenty who do use hacks and exploits to get an upper-hand – with many even taking to Twitch and TikTok to show off just how easy it is to cheat.

These cheaters have, obviously, been ruining the experience for any player who happens to run into them, and while Activision has made some strides to root them out, they haven’t gone far enough for streamers like Symfunhy who are becoming tired of the issues. 

Warzone train line
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

During his December 5 stream, the popular streamer had been playing Warzone when his team was quickly ripped apart by an opponents. Sym attempted to play the hero and strike from behind, but he was quickly taken down by the hacker too. 

“This game is so f**king bad! Stop f**king cheating,” he yelled after falling victim to an aimbot hacker. “It’s so f**king boring dude,” the streamer added before leaving the game and contemplating what to do next. 

After a frustrating moment of silence, Sym voiced his frustrations and finally spoke to his chat again. “It’s every f**king game dude,” he said after a sigh, before switching his focus to shouting out subscribers and donators. 

Some of Sym’s teammates quickly blocked the cheater so that they wouldn’t have to come up against them again, but given how many there are in Warzone, it’s not a magic fix. 

With Warzone getting set to switch over to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and a new map, players will be hoping that better anti-cheat measures are put into place. Otherwise, hackers will continue to be an issue.

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