CoD Mobile devs reveal two classic weapons coming in Season 13

. 2 years ago
Ghost in CoD mobile and the Crossfire map

The Call of Duty Mobile devs have revealed that two classic CoD weapons will be arriving in Season 13, and they should be instantly recognizable to long-time players. 

For many Call of Duty fans, the dream game is one that takes things like fan-favorite maps, weapons, and more from previous titles and puts them into one big melting pot. 

That hasn’t happened on console or PC, yet, but it does exist in the form of CoD Mobile. The mobile title, made by TiMi Studios, has proven to be incredibly popular and is going strong in its twelfth season of new content. 

Even though Season 12 has added night mode, Hackney Yard as a new map, and the usual seasonal events, players are already looking forward to next season – and the devs have started to roll out some teasers as well, focusing on new weapons after teasing a new map.

There are plenty of changes coming to CoD: Mobile.

The devs dropped their first teaser for a new weapon on December 6, asking fans if they could guess what it is without revealing what weapon type it fell under.

Well, it didn’t take long to figure out. As anyone who has played Black Ops 2 will know, the weapon is identical to the powerful Peacekeeper assault rifle. 

The Peacekeeper was actually the first-ever DLC weapon in Call of Duty history, being bundled in with Black Ops 2’s Revolution DLC Map Pack. It was also available in Black Ops 4, too. 

Additionally, the second weapon they teased should also be instantly recognizable to long-term Call of Duty players, as it resembles the MP7 submachine gun. 

The MP7 has a long-standing history in CoD, appearing in five different releases, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that it looks set to be added to CoD Mobile. 

The names of these weapons might change when they’re added to CoD Mobile, given that the devs have tweaked the names of other recognizable guns before.

We won’t have to wait too long, though, as Season 13 of CoD Mobile is set to release in mid-December, with December 13 being touted as a possible date.

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