CoD legend Censor roasts all Vanguard pros ‘crying’ about the game

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While Censor hasn’t competed at Call of Duty’s highest level in some time, he still recognizes what a blessing it is. And the outspoken pro had some choice words for everyone who complains about a game they get paid to play.

For the past few years, Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has been active in Call of Duty League Challengers without cracking an actual CDL roster. He’s still grinding his way though and, with Vanguard, has been a vocal figure in the scene.

With pros trying to figure out what they’re banning for the new season, Censor originally fought a one-man war to try and keep Automatic Tactical Sprint in. Now, he’s waging a bigger battle — against everyone who whines about the game at all.

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In a particularly spicy tweet, Censor took aim at the entire CoD community. In short, he doesn’t want people complaining about a game they’re paid to play.

YouTube: Censor
Doug didn’t hold back in his Twitter rant about CoD pros.

Censor flames Call of Duty: Vanguard pros for ‘crying’ too much

In recent weeks, there’s been a lot of dissatisfaction in the CoD scene. Some pros want to switch to Halo due to competitive attention there, while others simply want Vanguard balancing changes.

But Censor is sick of it and he made that quite clear: “I’m about to unfollow everyone who cries about playing Call of Duty: Vanguard for their choice as a career.”

Going further, he hammered the point home, laughing at the concept that pros are “complaining every day about playing a video game for a living.”

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To be fair, this is a point often made by fans of the game. Many believe pros should be more positive since they get paid to literally play a video game. But for Challengers players, that payment isn’t so fruitful and Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte was quick to clap back.

Parasite, who’s committed to going “rogue” this offseason, wants Censor to understand the value of constructive criticism.

Or, as he put it: “stop being complacent with poor design decisions and pushing a fake narrative just because you benefit from it.”

While it’s reasonable to say pros should be grateful, it’s also reasonable to critique complacency about your passions. The entire community is eagerly anticipating Vanguard Season 1, in hopes that some of their concerns will be remedied.

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