CoD pros want serious changes after Halo Infinite esports starts with a bang

Jacob Hale
Halo Infinite and Call of Duty League logo

On November 21, the first-ever Halo Infinite online tournaments rounded out with some incredible action across all regions — and top Call of Duty pros and personalities were struck by the success of it.

Call of Duty was almost like a spiritual successor to Halo, taking over as the premier console esport and the birthplace of many CoD stars’ careers.

With the hype around Infinite, though, and the first event proving a success, much of the CoD community were left a little underwhelmed at the thought of the future of the Call of Duty League.

With fans, players, and top personalities alike all tuning in to the Halo Infinite open tournament, there was an air of excitement around the game.

Halo Infinite has launched with a lot of fanfare.

CoD players loving Halo Infinite

Throughout and following the final matches of the tournament, a number of top CoD names were clearly loving the action.

100 Thieves founder, and former CoD pro, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag was one of the first to comment, saying that Halo’s re-entry into esports “has been nothing short of incredible,” commending the game’s “balanced maps, ranked play and a multi-million dollar tournament circuit.”

OpTic Warzone streamer and CoD world champion Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow also bigged up Halo after the tournament, with a slight jab at rival games, saying that it’s “so refreshing to play a balanced game.”

CoD pros frustrated after Halo Infinite tournament

While there was heaps of praise being mounted on Halo and the esport, some found themselves considering what CoD looks like currently in comparison — and where it could be going.

FaZe Clan’s Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto simply tagged Vanguard developer Sledgehammer Games in a tweet saying “we gotta talk.”

Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte was a lot more forthright with his thoughts while the grand final went on. “Watching comp CoD die is like watching half of my life literally vanish into thin air,” he said, listing the issues he believes to be facing Call of Duty and the CDL.

LA Thieves’ Sam ‘Octane’ Larew wrote a message that was a little more relatable to CoD fans, saying that “COD needs a kick in the a*s because we’re down 5-0 in a 1v4.”

While it’s still very early days for Halo Infinite, we saw multiple current and former pros enjoy competing in the tournament, including the likes of Karma, Clayster, Dqvee, and more.

Whether it becomes a real challenger to CoD’s dominance of the console esports scene remains to be seen but, in the early days of Infinite’s lifespan, it’s definitely got some CoD players thinking.