CoD Vanguard player sabotages $150k tourney with unbelievable team-kill snipe

call of duty vanguard sniper moneyActivision / Pexels

Some plays need to be seen to be believed. And one absurd team-kill snipe during a $150,000 Call of Duty: Vanguard tournament literally has to be watched, and rewatched, to even understand what happened.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this situation. It’s maybe one of the most absurd Call of Duty clips of all time. With $150,000 on the line in the mixed-roster TST Vanguard Prosim tournament, a CDL pro made a pro callout and his content creator… immediately sniped him.

And the worst part? The content creator was so locked in that he didn’t even realize he had just smoked his own teammate.

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It’s such a confusing, fast clip that, yes, we did need to explain it generally before you watch it. But check it out yourself below and we’ll dive deeper into what happened and how the CoD community reacted.

$150k Vanguard tournament team sabotaged by wild team-kill snipe

Team SallyIsADog was composed of the aforementioned content creator Sally, alongside a current CDL pro, a former CDL pro, a Warzone pro, and the tourney host. 

During one of their bracket matches, OpTic Texas starter iLLeY called out that he was “going tunnel.” So Sally proceeded to instantly jump tunnel, snipe iLLeY, and then respond “tunnel’s dead. Good comms.”

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The CoD community immediately lost it once people figured out what had happened. Former pro Slacked tweeted about how “turnt” the play was, with others calling it one of the greatest clips of all time.

In response, Sally has simply explained that he was locked in and had tunnel vision. As team captain, he also gave iLLeY $1,000 in MVP prize money for not losing all composure. 

So, while this moment is definitely a bit embarrassing and may have cost the team their chance at $150,000, there are some bright sides. For one, thousands of people got to enjoy the delights of laughter. For another, we now know — if you’re going to kill your teammate, at least do it in style.

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