Absurd Call of Duty Vanguard clip reveals cross-map wallbang exploit

CoD Vanguard ridiculous Wallbang spot BocageActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard, like most CoDs, has bullet penetration. But a new clip is worrying fans, showing an extremely broken cross-map wallbang exploit on Bocage.

CoD Vanguard has been no stranger to glitches and bugs since its release. We’ve seen map barriers break, dog butts, and more but nothing too obnoxious with a wallbang… until now.

In Call of Duty, a wallbang is when bullets get shot through a wall or barrier and do damage. This can be pulled off more easily with the FMJ attachment.

However, this newly discovered wallbang is beyond busted, as players can do this from across an entire map in Vanguard.

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FMJ VanguardActivision
The FMJ Ammo Type makes it easier to wallbang in Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard’s Bocage has wallbang glitch

On a fan-favorite Vanguard map, Bocage, players have discovered that apparently, walls mean nothing, and bullets must be made from the strongest material in the world.

This clip, posted by CDL Intel, shows off two different wallbangs on Bocage and the first one will definitely make your jaw hit the floor.

The first spot was found by ‘DoobieDante’ as they were testing this out in a private lobby. They had one person lay down on the B bombsite, while the other player ran across the map to the stairs.

Even though they traveled a large distance away from them, their bullets still killed the person on the site. To make this even crazier, they weren’t using the FMJ attachment.

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In the second clip, ‘ItsWayzy’ found that you can easily blast enemies through walls on Bocage and even claimed that they were getting aim assist through it.

It’s one thing to get aim assist on an enemy you can see but being able to do that on someone behind a wall is pretty wild. One person roasted the devs, saying “there’s no way they played this game before release and thought it was good enough to release it.”

Bocage is a CDL map for both Hardpoint and Search and Destroy, so players are hopeful this gets resolved quickly.

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