Leaker claims Infinity Ward’s CoD 2022 will be called Modern Warfare II

MOdern Warfare charcater with logo next to himActivision

Reputable Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson has revealed the bizarre working title for Infinity Ward’s CoD 2022, claiming it is ‘Modern Warfare II’ – the exact same name given to IW’s 2009 title. 

Despite Call of Duty Vanguard not yet being released, CoD fans are already taking an interest in what is to come in 2022 from studio Infinity Ward. Details are still scarce, but a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare is thought to be in the works. 

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The MW reboot received mixed feedback from players, with its weapons and engine praised, but its maps and spawns leaving plenty to be desired.

Leaks have previously revealed the game’s code name to be Project Cortez, but details have now confirmed the game’s working title, and it’s one to leave players scratching their heads.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bugs Microtransactions With LogoActivision
Modern Warfare 2019 was a very popular title among casual players.

Tom Henderson – previously known as LongSensation – has correctly leaked multiple details regarding CoD titles in the past.

On October 9, he turned his attention to CoD 2022, revealing that its title in ‘Modern Warfare II’.

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That’s right, CoD 2022 will supposedly have the exact same name as the acclaimed 2009 title; the one many still consider to be the most enjoyable CoD of all time.

He also appears to have had a glance at some of the game’s artwork, describing it as “f**king amazing”.

Given that the game is still in development and a long way from release, its name could change yet. This will remain unconfirmed until Activision reveals the final title in the game’s promo.

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However, it seems almost inevitable that we will be getting a Modern Warfare sequel. Here’s hoping it will be as fun as the 2009 Modern Warfare 2.