Censor calls out FaZe Santana for “embarrassing” himself over Nadia cheating allegations

Santana and CensorDexerto

FaZe Santana slammed Doug ‘Censor’ Martin for “embarrassing his whole community,” and Censor lashed back.

Censor drew attention when he threatened to expose Call of Duty hackers after getting a list of names from a cheat service provider. Martin leaked direct messages between him and Twitch streamer Nadia Amine, causing her to become one of Warzone’s biggest names amid the hacking allegations against her.

The streamer leaned into rumors, joking about using exploits despite not actually cheating. Censor built up anticipation for the reveal but never concluded if Nadia actually cheated. Instead, he proposed, with a ring and everything.

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Censor’s big reveal backfired, and content creators such as Moistcr1tikal mocked the stunt: “[Censor] took a huge L trying to suckle a drop of clout out of the situation.”

FaZe Santana has now joined in on the backlash, and Censor responded by calling out the Warzone streamer.

Censor responds to FaZe Santana’s criticism.

Jacke Lucky shared two clips from Censor’s live stream, getting frustrated with Santana’s statements. In a series of Tweets, Santana initially said, “I hope you all finally see that he is a joke.”

The streamer added, “your lord and savior (Censor) just embarrassed his whole community… you should honestly feel embarrassed right now.”

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The current Boston Breach CoD Challengers player, Censor, was a member of FaZe’s CoD team for over four years. It appears he took it personally being called out by a member of an organization he still considers “family.”

“The guys got FaZe in his name. That’s why I’m pissed; that’s my f*cking history.”

Censor continued, “He is worried I will ruin Nadia’s career. I gas her up and make her go viral again, and now this guy is still hating. Like, what are you doing?”

Censor also brought up the Nuke Squad, a group of four friends within FaZe Clan that made a name for themselves with their Call of Duty streams and content, which includes Santana and mutual friend Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson.

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Martin questioned Santana’s popularity, saying, “I only know you because of Swagg… I have a problem with that mother f**cker (Santana).”

Santana has yet to respond to Censor’s comments on stream, but this drama appears far from over.

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