Moistcr1tikal slams Censor over “turbo cringe” Nadia proposal video

an image of moistcr1tikal and censorYouTube: Moistcr1tikal, Censor

YouTuber Moistcr1tikal has weighed in on Censor’s proposal to Warzone streamer Nadia, following Censor’s accusing her of cheating.

The build-up to Doug ‘Censor’ Martin’s confrontation with Warzone streamer Nadia Amine captivated both fans and detractors of the pair for days. Their back and forth was instigated over claims of Nadia using various hacks to succeed in Warzone, following Nadia’s appearance at the first CODNext event.

However, the situation backfired on Censor after he ‘proposed’ to Nadia, leading to a torrent of mockery from peers and fans alike.

One of those peers is YouTuber and Moist Esports owner Charles ‘Moistcr1tikal’ White Jr., who has lambasted Censor’s actions.

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Moistcr1tikal says Censor “took a huge L” following Nadia drama

In a recent video aimed directly at Censor’s actions, Moistcr1tikal captioned the upload as ‘Clown Behaviour’. Delving into the drama with Nadia, the YouTuber claimed that “this is like something out of the Bible, to signal a doomsday or an apocalypse.”

According to the YouTuber, the focal point was “how one YouTuber [Censor] took a huge L trying to suckle a drop of clout out of the situation.”

“I’m not a huge fan of Call of Duty…but I am a big fan of clowns…Doug kinda hyped himself as the authority to bring down judgment once and for all,” continued the YouTuber.

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However, Censor “unfortunately he posted turbo cringe on main…it would have been less reputationally damaging if he posted his own sex tape on his channel, would have been a lot less embarrassing.”

It isn’t necessarily the act of cheating in-game that Moistcr1tikal is interested in either. Instead, the YouTuber clarified that “even if its confirmed Nadia is cheating…I would still say Doug ‘Censor’ Martin still took the bigger L in this situation.”

His criticism didn’t end at Censor’s behavior though, as the content creator blasted Censor’s construction of the video itself.

“So I feel like he just front-loaded it with this trash in the intro, to make sure that it breaches eight minutes for the mid-roll ads,” the YouTuber said in regards to Censor’s comical introductory segment.

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Moist however did show surprising praise for Censor: “I do wanna at least mention that last night I was talking about this on stream and Doug was watching. And he took it like a champ, so good on ya Doug for being able to roll with criticism.”

In the aftermath of Censor’s video, Nadia has responded to further allegations about her Warzone exploits.