Nadia responds as Censor threatens to expose Warzone hacks and leaks DMs

Censor and Nadia in side by side pictureInstagram: Censor, nadiakamine

Twitch streamer Nadia Amine has responded to aspiring Call of Duty League pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin after he threatened to expose her for hacking in Warzone and leaked DMs between the two.

Nadia has become one of the most popular names in Warzone, due to a litany of hacking accusations made against her, and has frequently joked about using hacks in viral clips, despite claiming that she isn’t actually cheating.

This has riled up accusers even more, who even spread the rumor that Nadia was removed from the COD Next event because she was found cheating, though that was not accurate at all and was simply a joke made by another streamer at the event.

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Nonetheless, with Censor’s pursuit to hold his number 1 spot in the Vanguard ranked leaderboards, he’s started the process of exposing every hacker in Call of Duty, and set Nadia in his sights in a tweet posted on September 27.

While Doug went on to expose a couple of Vanguard ranked hackers, he claims the software being used by his friend, who created it to hunt hackers, isn’t available to access Warzone cheaters yet.

That hasn’t stopped him, however, and on September 27 he told his stream that Nadia had sent him a Direct Message to confirm she doesn’t cheat.

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“I said ‘Look, I don’t care what you say to me’,” claimed Censor. “‘If you’re not cheating, I will know. If you’re cheating, I will know. I’m inevitable.’”

She then sent him another DM after seeing the above clip, calling him “weird” for what he said and claiming that’s not how things happened.

He posted a screenshot of these DMs, saying that they “p**sed him off” and that he “has no agenda” in the ordeal.

The DMs read: “Why are you being weird that’s not what happened? I DM’ed you because someone sent me a message saying you were going to frame me? I hope whatever clicks you get [tonight] or whenever the expose party is makes you as relevant as you pray to be.”

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Nadia responded with screenshots of her original message, to which Censor was very blunt back.

“I don’t care about you,” his tweet read. “I don’t have an agenda to cancel you. I surely don’t need clout or money either. My video is unbiased, but if you have nothing to hide then you wouldn’t message me the way you do.”

While the conversation didn’t go any further than that, Censor has reiterated that he’ll have a video coming out on Friday, September 30, implying a focus on Nadia.

Whether he’s actually managed to find evidence that Nadia cheats, or has cheated, in Warzone, remains to be seen, but she remains adamant that she doesn’t, while Censor himself insists that he doesn’t actually care.

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