Call of Duty YouTube page leaks Modern Warfare game art, sneak peek clip, and release date

Albert Petrosyan
Call of Duty

The official YouTube page of Call of Duty has apparently leaked key game art and a short sneak peek at the next installment of the popular first-person-shooter series. 

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On May 29, Activision and Infinity Ward finally gave the CoD community some news regarding the upcoming game, teasing that the first official reveal for the title would take place on May 30.

The reveal will be taking place via a special livestream on YouTube, and fans were able to go onto the YouTube page and see the stream already scheduled. 

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However, aside from scheduling the stream, it appears that Activision had gone ahead and already uploaded some content beforehand, which resulted in some users getting previews of the reveal a day early.

The image below was taken from the preview, and although it is very blurry and low resolution, it still confirms that the game will indeed be called Modern Warfare, and will have a release date in October 2019.

The blurry image shows what could be the cover art of Modern Warfare, along with a projected release date in October.
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Activision were very prompt in taking the scheduled content down, but not before leaks of the reveal started to surface online, taken directly from the scheduled YouTube stream.

Before it was disabled, users were able to capture a short clip of the preview, which featured soldiers coming out of the shadows, skydiving out of a military plane, and climbing over a vehicle in some sort of modern city.

The preview concludes with a screen that includes “May 30 10:00 AM PT” confirming the date and time that the reveal will take place. 

What to expect from Modern Warfare reveal

While we won’t know much about the upcoming Modern Warfare game until it’s officially revealed on May 30, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors about the 2019 title.

For one, MW will reportedly be the “most controversial” title yet, which makes sense considering that there have been reports of it featuring a campaign inspired by MW2’s highly controversial ‘No Russian’ mission.

All in all, numerous major questions should be answered during the reveal, such as what the Multiplayer will look like, whether or not there will be a battle royale, and more.