Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be the “most controversial” title yet

Connor Bennett

Call of Duty” to date, if one new rumor turns out to be correct.

Fans are gearing up for the official announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare after months of speculation and rumor. While many may be waiting for news about the hugely popular multiplayer portion of the game, others will want to know what’s coming with the return of a campaign.

However, they might not have to wait too long as more hints have been dropped by members of the community who have been proven right in recent weeks.

Infinity WardThe No Russian mission from MW2 is the most controversial moment from the CoD franchise.

YouTuber LongSensation has been pretty spot on with information about the next game. He had the name right before it was confirmed by reports and he has continued adding more details about what is coming from Infinity Ward. On May 25, LongSensation tweeted: 

“It will probably be the most conversational Call of Duty to date. Really interested to see the mainstream media response.”

However, despite the fact that YouTuber didn’t reveal if he was talking about the campaign or just the game in general, it’s easy to assume that they were making a nod towards the story considering earlier reports about possible details.

According to Kotaku, the campaign will be “very much” inspired by the shocking, brutal moments of the ‘No Russian’ mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Despite the option to skip the violence, the mission sparked outrage from the wider world as the game was censored in numerous countries and widely criticized by the media.

However, that’s not the only details that the YouTuber dropped about the game. In an earlier tweet, they listed a number of games that are currently free-to-play – with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare listed at the end.

Is LongSensation correct?

Now, it remains to be seen if LongSensation has his information right – even though he has been pretty spot on in the past. Coupling his information about the game being “controversial” and reports already citing the inspiration for the campaign mode, it seems as if he might just be correct.

Yet, when it comes to having Call of Duty as a free-to-play title, plenty of fans are going to take that with a massive pinch of salt, despite it also lining up with another previous report.

However, that might not be completely out of the realm of possibility if Activision and Infinity Ward are looking at capturing the PC player market or making their profit on the back of cosmetic sales and DLC.

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