Call of Duty Vanguard players demand major changes for Shipment

Call of Duty Vanguard players demand major changes for ShipmentActivision

One of Call of Duty’s most iconic maps, Shipment, has finally been added to Vanguard. However, players are demanding major changes to the extremely fast-paced map.

Shipment first debuted back in Call of Duty 4 and has seen appearances across many different titles like Modern Warfare and CoD Mobile. It’s one of the most beloved maps of all time and Sledgehammer Games have brought the nostalgic fun to Vanguard.

The map is a tiny square where players can get into constant gunfights and rack up well over 100 kills in a single match.

With how often players find themselves in engagements, these games can end with the snap of your fingers and people really want to see some changes that will make matches last longer.

vanguard shipmentSledgehammer Games
Shipment has finally arrived to Vanguard, but players want to see score limits increased in different game modes.

Vanguard players want changes to Shipment 

Shipment has finally arrived to Vanguard and while the game can already be extremely fast, the new Combat Pacing feature cranked it up even more.

If you blink you could miss an entire game and players are now demanding that the devs increase the length of matches on the map.

This Reddit post by ‘krazzybam’ has everyone rallying to get the score limit changed for specific game modes. One person said, “The playlist is terrible. Games only last about 2 minutes tops on anything other than Domination.”

They want to see modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed have their score increased and suggested putting them to over 200 kills.

While the short matches are extremely frustrating for players, another Reddit thread showcases another issue with the map as people claim the final killcam and MVP voting take longer than the actual game.

Vanguard Shipment changeActivision
Vanguard players complain that the loading screen takes longer than Shipment matches.

A user said, “Playing Shipment 24/7 is 25% gameplay and 75% watching MVP and waiting for the next match.” Players are tired of spending more time in the loading screen as this is a flat-out waste of time and can even hurt Double XP tokens.

While it is unlikely that the devs will get rid of the final killcam and MVP voting, the community has suggested backing out of each lobby until you get Dominiation as this will save downtime in between matches.