CDL pros & Warzone streamers react to Scump’s historic $100k World Series win

Jacob Hale
Warzone background with Scump, Aydan and Dashy

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner made history by winning the $100k World Series of Warzone Solo YOLO tournament on November 17 — and his fellow pros and streamers couldn’t believe the show he put on. We’ve compiled some of the best reactions here.

Scump’s WSOW win was something not many people saw coming. While he’s widely acknowledged as one of the greatest Call of Duty players ever to grace the sticks, Warzone is a whole different arena, especially when many of the top names have been grinding for close to two years.

That said, as the man that, for many, has been the face of competitive CoD for a decade, the reactions were largely overjoyed, and streamers and pros from all across the globe were delighted to see him take the victory.

Here’s how they reacted.

Aydan devastated after loss

Naturally, Aydan was absolutely devastated to lose the final 1v1, putting his head in his hands before telling teammate Rhys ‘Rated’ Price that he choked and got 2nd, putting on a smile despite the pain.

Aydan did later go into Scump’s call to congratulate him on the win, putting his pride aside in a great show of sportsmanship.

FormaL celebrates for his T2P duo

While watching Aydan’s POV, FormaL was thrilled to see the Warzone pro fall to the hands of his T2P duo.

Simply saying “Oh my god!” and that he “tips” that “insane” performance, FormaL was no doubt as excited as anyone to see the King claim his throne.

Dashy gassing Scump up

OpTic Texas teammate Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell immediately hopped into a call with Scump, mindblown by what had happened and providing the premium gas.

While watching the win back with Scump, Dashy is constantly telling him how well he played, saying that he was “sh**ting” and “finessing” on all of his opponents.

Repullze fanboys at Scump victory

Perhaps one of the most excited players watching the tournament was Warzone pro Repullze, who was sat in a call with his fellow Nuke Squad members as they watched the action unfold.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that Repullze might have even been more excited than Scump himself!

Jukeyz ecstatic with Scump’s WSOW win

From across the pond, Warzone prodigy Jukeyz was split-screening both Aydan and Scump’s streams, and it worked out perfectly for the final 1v1 (and if you weren’t aware, Jukeyz reminds us frequently that it was a 1v1 with Scump and Aydan).

Celebrating like he’d just watched Liverpool win the Premier League, Jukeyz just repeats “let’s go,” as happy as the rest of the CoD community to see the King on top.

Scump’s crazy celebration

Of course, Scump’s celebrations and reaction were the icing on the cake. Jumping up and down, celebrating with his girlfriend, his teammates, and even his dog, it’s impossible to watch this and not be happy for him.

Almost the entire Call of Duty community was watching on as Scump won, and as you can tell from the reactions above and across social media, everybody was delighted to see him take the cake.

As someone that has long been the face of Call of Duty, and the player that will have inspired many of his peers to start competing, it’s not hard to see why everybody was so happy for him.

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