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Call of Duty Vanguard streamers want a simple fix for 2XP token ‘scams’

Published: 12/Nov/2021 17:35

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Vanguard was released to an audience of willing grinders. But popular streamers like 100 Thieves’ CouRage and FaZe Kalei join the wider community with one complaint in particular: frustrating 2XP tokens.

By all means, Vanguard is a unique Call of Duty title. The franchise’s 2021 installation brings a breakable environment, new maps, and a Gunsmith filled to the brim with 10 attachments per weapon.

Those 10 attachments make for some interesting loadouts, but also mean there is a lot of unlocking to do. With all those levels to work on, players and streamers noticed a longstanding, now emphasized, problem with the 2XP token system.


The grind is longer and the 2XP tokens are turning into a critical commodity. Unfortunately, people are annoyed that their timers still tick down while you’re waiting in the lobby — instead of only being active during matches.

Vanguard streamers want changes to 2XP tokens

In a passionate, caps-locked tweet about the issue, CouRage painted the picture clearly. The 100 Thieves co-owner’s heartfelt letter to Activision asked them to “please fix” the fact that “double XP tokens shouldn’t keep counting down when I’m in the lobby.”

Essentially, the streamer was frustrated that, after activating timed tokens, some of that time was being wasted in the lobby — where you can’t gain any XP to double.


The replies were full of players and streamers who were also annoyed by the issue. While some complained of just how much leveling was needed, others — like FaZe Kalei — took a different route.

FaZe Kalei calls 2XP tokens a ‘scam’

Kalei is no stranger to the 2XP troubles. After using up all of hers, the streamer even went off, confusing random 7-Eleven employees with Doritos bag 2XP requests. Now, she’s joined CouRage and complained that the CoD community is “getting scammed.”

Sledgehammer Games have already tackled issues with camo and other progressions in Vanguard with two patches, one on November 10 and one on November 11. But the big names are bringing another community request to light.


People want level progression, for guns in particular, to go faster. And, if that’s not possible, they’d like their 2XP tokens to only count down when they’re in the process of gaining XP.