Call of Duty Vanguard players demand Numa Numa changes: “I can’t see s**t”

Jacob Hale
cod vanguard logo on numa numa map

With 16 6v6 multiplayer maps at launch, CoD: Vanguard has something for everyone. That said, Numa Numa has drawn its fair share of critics — and visibility on the map has become a major issue for some.

The Vanguard maps have definitely split players, with so many different options that cater to different playstyles.

Some players love the hectic moments of Dome and thrive in the crossfire, while others prefer a more deliberate and tactical approach on maps such as Desert Siege.

Numa Numa, however, is largely looked at unfavorably by CoD players, and visibility is key.

Numa Numa has divided players.

Numa Numa is a hectic map set on the island of Bougainville, with minimal coverage and a trench-style setting that means you can kill or be killed from absolutely anywhere.

Now, though, the map has become a “serious issue” according to IchikoTatsumura, addressing the issue in a Reddit post.

With hundreds of comments in agreement, Ichiko says: “I’ve noticed Numa literally camouflage other people within its color palette. Like I don’t have this issue whatsoever with any other map except Numa Numa.”

The visceral, true-to-life color scheme of Numa Numa — and Vanguard as a whole — definitely helps ensure players know they’re in the midst of a real battlefield. That said, with maps like Numa Numa, it seems as though players are finding it a little too accurate to real-life camouflage techniques.

One commenter said they “can’t get a feel for the map” either, because they “can’t see s**t.” Another added that “most of this game is just red nametag shooter simulator” because of the poor visibility.

Sledgehammer Games may well make changes to improve visibility on Numa Numa, but they haven’t commented on the issue yet.

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