CoD Vanguard streamer hits insane 360 no-scope using Donkey Kong bongos

deanobeano plays CoD Vanguard with bongosTwitter/deanobeano

A Call of Duty Vanguard streamer hit the snipe of a lifetime while explaining how he uses his Donkey Kong bongos as a controller in what is one of the most insane plays we’ve seen so far.

Vanguard is still in its infancy, but we already have a candidate for play of the year and it all comes from one man’s gimmick controller and it has to be seen to be believed.

It’s not uncommon to see streamers or content creators play games with absurd controllers. We’ve seen guitars, pianos, drums, baguettes, and now bongos from the GameCube classic Donkey Konga.

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To make things even better, however, is how streamer DeanoBeano used them to secure one of the most amazing no-scopes, all by complete accident.

Vanguard streamer lands no-scopes with bongo controller

During a stream, a viewer asked Deano about how he was able to get a GameCube controller to work on a game that was never released on Nintendo’s purple lunchbox of joy.

“I have a USB adapter for it, so it plugs right into my PC,” he explained. “Then I use the four buttons on top for aiming and then I use combinations to do things.”

After tapping on the bongos, Deano showed how he can scope in and out with his sniper, jump and shoot.

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Despite no longer being zoomed in, the streamer fired a shot that somehow traveled across the map killing an enemy player that wasn’t even visible, leaving him completely stunned.

With his mouth gaping wide, the Vanguard streamer gasped in disbelief, uncertain on how he managed to pull that off.

In another clip, the streamer secured a kill on an enemy before jumping off a platform and performing a 360 and miraculously secured yet another brilliant frag.

xdeanobeano pops off in VanguardTikTok/xdeanobeano
Deanobeano could hardly believe the shot himself.

“Yo, what the f**k was that?!” he exclaimed.

Considering all the skill Deano has with so many different controllers, it’s clear that he’s one of the most proficient we’ve ever seen and the highlights just keep on impressing.

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