Call of Duty community in uproar over “horrible” Modern Warfare spawns

Brad Norton

Spawns are often a nightmare at the release of any given Call of Duty title, however Modern Warfare might be one of the most extreme examples to date.

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Released on October 25, the Call of Duty community has had just under a week to acclimate to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare and one of the most controversial talking points in the community centers around the current spawning system.

With flawed map designs already getting on the nerves of professional players and game veterans, low-quality spawns might be the final straw for many Modern Warfare players.

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Partially through a game of Headquarters on Hackney Yard, this clip exemplified just how painful it can be to respawn in an objective-based Modern Warfare game-type. 

Having been eliminated, the player respawned just 20 meters out from the objective, perfectly in the sightlines of an enemy with an Assault Rifle ready to mow them down. Respawning a second time, the unlucky player appeared right in front of an enemy once again. No amount of strategizing or aiming prowess can counter shoddy respawns in Call of Duty.

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Ground War appears to be the focal point of many absurd spawning encounters. With 64 players on the enormous maps at any given time, that’s a lot of respawning players to account for and as it currently stands, players have been spawning in some unlikely spots.

Take this example from Reddit user ‘UlteriorCovert’ for instance. Sneaking up on an unaware sniper, this player is within very close proximity of the enemy, yet further opposition is still able to spawn in on their prone teammate. Two quick executions later and the enemies must have been flustered by such a ridiculous spawn.

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Another particularly egregious example out of the Ground War mode, highlighted how players can continually spawn in the exact same spot, regardless of enemies in close proximity.

Maxing out his streaks, this player racked up five kills in a row without even having to change his position.

Call of Duty pros have taken aim at various issues in the game already, but even Rainbow Six Siege talent have been firing shots at the latest release in the series.

Renowned Siege commentator Parker ‘Interro’ Mackay expressed his disdain on Twitter. Echoing the sentiment of many in the community, he explained that with “bad hit-reg, terrible maps, awful spawns,” among other feedback, “Modern Warfare may be the least fun I’ve had with a new Call of Duty in years.”

Despite the criticism heaped onto the current spawning system, Modern Warfare developers have engaged in discussions online and assured players that they’re looking to work out the kinds in the near future.

Multiplayer Co-Design Director at Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot recently explained that the developers are “looking at” an assortment of hotly debated issues from “footstep audio” to “battle chatter in one life modes” and “spawns” as a whole.

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Just how soon Modern Warfare’s spawning system will be tweaked remains to be seen, however Infinity Ward has been quick to implement changes across the board since release. 

Recently, Dead Silence was the source of much controversy in the community and in a rapid October 28 patch, the footstep-dampening Field Upgrade was swiftly adjusted.