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Black Ops Cold War leaks reveal classic game modes making a return

Published: 1/Dec/2020 5:43

by Brad Norton


If you’re a Call of Duty veteran, you’ll be happy to know that even more classic game modes are seemingly on the way to Treyarch’s latest release, as new Black Ops Cold War leaks have revealed audio from some upcoming playlists.

As we near the Season One update on December 10, Black Ops Cold War leaks have become more and more common. We have a good amount of intel on a new Zombies map coming soon, and we’ve even uncovered a new ‘Dropkick’ game mode on the horizon.

Though it seems that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Leaks continue to pour out lately, as we now have even more fresh information to go off. Rather than an image or direct gameplay, this new leak comes in the form of an audio file plucked straight from the game.

If raw gunplay is what you’re about, this upcoming addition will be right up your alley. Barebones playlists are set to return in Black Ops Cold War, according to voice lines that have been dug up in the latest update.

From a brief, four-second clip, we hear voice lines for two distinct modes under the Barebones variant. “Barebones Search and Destroy,” along with “Hardcore Barebones Team Deathmatch” were both mentioned. They came through as quotes from the Black Ops Cold War announcer, no different from what you’d hear loading into any other mode in the game.

Additionally, there was also mention of Barebones VIP Escort in the files, according to the original leaker.

For those unfamiliar with this variant, core modes will still play out in exactly the same way. TDM will be won by accumulating kills. VIP Escort along with SnD will both be won by winning rounds, for instance. What’s different here is what kind of tools you have available.

Barebones has appeared in a number of CoD titles over the years. In some instances, it purely took Killstreaks out of the equation. In other games, everything from perks to attachments were stripped away. Only time will tell just how far Treyarch will go with this iteration in Black Ops Cold War.

Modern Warfare gameplay
Infinity Ward
Barebones Moshpit most recently appeared in 2019’s Modern Warfare.

With more customization on offer than any previous CoD title, running with default guns would be quite a change of pace. Alternatively, removing Wildcards and Killstreaks could be the play here as to keep the feel of the game relatively intact.

There’s currently no date set in stone for the release of Barebones in Black Ops Cold War. It could be on the way in Season One, but it might still be further in the distance. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details slip through the cracks.


Army National Guard CSGO Community Nights

Published: 13/Oct/2020 18:38 Updated: 30/Dec/2020 15:00

by Calum Patterson


The US Army National Guard ran a series of CS:GO Community Nights and tournaments throughout the last few months of 2020, with prizes up for grabs. Here’s what went down.

Army National Gaurd


Starting in October, the community nights offered up 30,000 points, which could be redeemed for prizes.

For the duration of the three-month-long series, players could also register their teams for bi-weekly tournaments, which were held on the National Guard’s organizer page.

National Guard Community Nights

Every player will began with 1000 points, and was awarded 10 points for a win, or deducted 10 points for a loss. The player with the most points each night walked away with 10,000 points, 2nd and 3rd get 5,000, and 4th through 7th 2,500 each.

For the bi-weekly tournaments, starting on October 18, players were ranked on their wins/losses throughout this period. The top players proceeded to the next stage of the tournament and were rewarded with Points, from a pool of 30,000.


To make things interesting though, Missions were in-play for all matches, as a way to earn extra points. For example, actions such as getting headshots, clutches, bomb defuses, nade kills and more were rewarded.

Players were set a mission challenge, for example, get 3 clutches, and succeeding will earn points. Mor information on how missions work can be found here.