Bizarre Warzone bug makes players look like dead bodies

Warzone dead body bugTreyarch/Activision

A strange visual bug in Warzone is tricking players into thinking their opponents are dead when in reality they’re waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Since its release back in 2020, Warzone has garnered a bit of a reputation for its bugs and glitches. While some are incredibly funny, others are completely game-breaking and extremely frustrating for players to experience.

This is especially true when it comes to visual issues, as being able to identify that another player is alive and on your screen is key if you’re going to come out on top in a gunfight.

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Well, a recent bug discovered by a Warzone player is making enemies look like dead bodies whilst they’re prone. It appears to occur when the animation is obstructed by a wall or object on the ground.

Warzone dead body bug

Warzone glitch is turning players into dead bodies

A thread posted to the CODWarzone subreddit showing off a frustrating prone glitch has garnered over 2,500 upvotes at the time of writing.

After ascending a set of stairs on Verdansk, Dutton90 noticed what they thought was a dead body laying on a plant pot in the corner. Although the dead opponent was in a bizarre prone-like position, it’s normal to see players fall into a strange angle once they’ve been killed.

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Ignoring the body, Dutton90 continued to climb but was quickly gunned down from behind by the player on the plant pot.

It turns out after going prone on the object, a visual bug had made the player appear like a dead body and resulted in Dutton90 being swiftly sent to the gulag.

While this isn’t a glitch that will be considered game-breaking by the community, it’s enough to annoy a lot of unsuspecting Warzone players.

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It’s likely Raven Software won’t be addressing this bug anytime soon, so make sure you’ve got your wits about you when you decide to pass a dead body.

Who knows, it may be a sneaky enemy waiting for the perfect chance to strike.

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