Annoying Warzone bug lets players glitch into building roofs


While Warzone cheaters have found ways to glitch into walls since the game first launched, some are now glitching into building roofs and raining hell on opponents below.

Verdansk is laden with skyscrapers and buildings for players to forage, loot from and get an advantage over their enemies.

While it’s frustrating to be gunned down by opponents sitting atop a building behind their head-glitches, some players have taken things a little too far.

Now, some players are literally hiding inside the roof of buildings to get easy kills on their enemies in Warzone.

Warzone wallbreach glitchReddit: Cheeky-Bean
Wall glitches are no new phenomenon in Warzone, but getting inside roofs is.

In the past, we’ve seen wallbreach glitches become very common in Warzone. There are multiple spots where players can simply slide into the wall and become near-enough invincible, spraying down enemies as they pass.

Usually, this is done with a vehicle. Players can drive into a confined space and, when getting out of the car, they’ll glitch into the wall as there isn’t technically enough space for their character to get out in the actual space.

As shown in the clip below from Xander2299, he and his squad are downed in quick succession by a seemingly invisible enemy. It only became clear in the killcam after that the opponent was actually glitched inside the roof and could see everyone running around below him.

It’s not exactly clear how players are able to glitch into the roof like this. As mentioned, usually players would use a vehicle to make this happen, but it’s not likely they’re able to get a truck up to the top floor and then somehow dispose of it after.

It almost seems unlikely that this can be replicated with a helicopter, as the animation for getting out of a heli isn’t quite the same. That said, it’s still possible.

Another realistic option is that there are simply some missing textures that the player managed to get through — either on purpose or by accident. Needless to say, it would be particularly rage-inducing to die like this, so hopefully the issue can be figured out and fixed for the mid-season update.