Best Warzone 2.0 Perk Package: Base, Bonus, and Ultimate Perks

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Warzone 2 offers players a variety of Perks that empower users in various ways. With there being so many Perks it can be hard to know which to use. These are the best Perks and Perk Package to use in Warzone 2 after the Season 3 Reloaded update.

Perks have been a part of Call of Duty since 2008, with the original Modern Warfare introducing them. They help differentiate playstyles by giving players tools that benefit how they want to approach each match.

It was only natural that Perks would also come to Warzone and later Warzone 2. The battle royale game changes the longstanding Perk system as they are now categorized as Base, Bonus, and Ultimate Perks, each placed based on their perceived impact.

Perks are constantly rebalanced and occasionally new Perks are added to change up the meta. To stay informed and make sure your Warzone 2 loadouts aren’t out of date it’s best to regularly consult this list. Here are the best Perks and Perk Package to use in Warzone 2.


Best Warzone 2 Perks

It can be difficult to precisely rank Warzone 2’s perks as they all excel in different situations. While one Perk may be useless most of the time it could save your life when relevant.

To account for this our ranking of the best Perks in Warzone 2 is based on how impactful the Perk is across a range of situations. Some niche Perks can still be powerful but are generally not worth using over the alternatives.

the best perk package to use for warzone 2 on both al mazrah and ashika island.

Base Perks

  1. Overkill
  2. Double Time
  3. Scavenger
  4. Tracker
  5. Battle Hardened
  6. Bomb Squad
  7. Strong Arm

Overkill is easily the best Base Perk in Warzone 2 as it lets you take two primary weapons from a single loadout. Having two weapons cover each other’s weaknesses allows for more varied play and helps avoid situations where you can’t be effective.

Double Time, Scavenger, and Tracker are all great options to partner with our top pick. Double Time and Tracker are useful for chasing and tracking down enemies, giving you the edge during tight gunfights. Meanwhile, Scavenger will keep both your ammo and armor plates topped up throughout the match.

Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad are more situational but can save your life when relevant. Battle Hardened provides protection against powerful tactical equipment such as Flash and Stun Grenades while Bomb Squad makes it possible to survive a hit from lethal equipment like Claymores and Frag Grenades.

Strong Arm is the only Base Perk that is never worth using. The extra throwing distance granted by Strong Arm is extremely situational and won’t help in the majority of cases. Being able to cook Frag Grenades faster is beneficial but that alone isn’t enough to use this Perk.

Bonus Perks

  1. Fast Hands
  2. Resupply
  3. Cold-Blooded
  4. Spotter
  5. Focus

Fast Hands is an obvious pick for the Bonus Perk slot as it lets you reload guns faster. Faster reloads mean more time shooting and less time standing around. As an added bonus, this Perk also increases weapon swap speed which synergizes well with Overkill.

Resupply and Cold-Blooded are more playstyle dependent but can be powerful. Resupply is useful for replenishing Smoke Grenades to move around safely, making positioning errors less costly. As for Cold-Blooded, it directly counters High Alert which is fantastic given how prevalent that Ultimate Perk is.

Although not top-tier, Spotter can be useful as it allows you to spot dangerous Lethal Equipment like Proximity Mines through walls. This can be used to figure out if a team is playing in a certain building which is especially powerful in the end game where intel is key.

Focus is the weakest Bonus Perk. It reduces flinch and extends the duration you can hold your breath for but neither of these is that helpful. Most weapons aren’t too affected by flinching and High Alert makes it difficult to hold your breath and aim at an enemy player for a long duration without them reacting.

Ultimate Perks

  1. High Alert
  2. Ghost
  3. Quick Fix
  4. Birdseye
  5. Survivor

The best Ultimate Perk is Warzone 2 is High Alert. When a High Alert user is aimed at by another player a yellow outline will appear revealing the direction of the enemy. That kind of intel is invaluable, especially in Warzone 2 where the shorter TTK can make it difficult to survive being shot from behind.

Ghost is a close second as it prevents players from showing up on UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors. For stealthy playstyles focused more on winning than getting kills this Ultimate Perk is extremely effective.

Quick Fix is a strong Ultimate Perk as it lets you regen health after applying an Armor Plate. This is fantastic for disengaging from a gunfight and then catching your pursuer off guard when they don’t expect you to have healed up so quickly.

Both Birdseye and Survivor aren’t impactful enough to justify using. Birdseye was once the best perk in Warzone 2 but after its nerfs all it does is increase the speed of UAV pings. As for Survivor, it automatically pings downed enemies but you should be pinging downed enemies anyway to help your teammates.

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