Annoying Warzone bug is ruining Plunder’s return: “It’s almost unplayable”

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After an unpopular hiatus, Warzone’s Plunder playlist has made its highly anticipated return — but all is not well in Verdansk, with some players suffering from a visual bug making the game mode “unplayable.”

Plunder has remained one of Warzone‘s core playlists since the BR’s release, offering players a welcome break from the standard battle royale gameplay loop in the form of an objective-base game mode.

In addition to offering a change of pace, Plunder is also used by many players to quickly level up new weapons, as the mode provides plenty of XP to help get your guns maxed-out and ready for the main BR playlist.

After being removed by developer Raven Software — a highly unpopular change amongst the game’s community — Plunder has now returned as a Warzone playlist, but fans aren’t happy as the mode is now plagued by a highly distracting visual glitch.

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Plunder is back, but fans aren’t happy with the state of the game mode.

Warzone Plunder bug adds visual clutter to Verdansk

Word of this bug began to spread on social media as players shared their frustrating experiences with unintended visual display.

“When playing Plunder, suddenly in every match all of the cash drop and deposit indicators come on screen and never go away,” one player complained, and shared a screenshot of their encounter with the glitch. “It’s almost unplayable. Is this a bug?”

Another Warzone fan made a near-identical post, including their own screenshot of the annoying visual clutter. “Oh god,” one comment under the post read, with another remarking “That’s woeful.”

The latest Plunder bug is far from the first issue to put a damper on the community’s spirits. Back in the mode’s early days, players voiced concerns about the playlist being unbalanced and buggy, with others lamenting the lack of a killcam, one of CoD’s signature features.

While many older issues have been addressed by Raven, this particular bug hasn’t appeared on their dev tracker at the time of writing, but it’s likely the studio will pick up on it soon and hopefully get the glitch patched out of the game so players can see clearly once again.