Warzone players demand Raven nerf “stupid” Swiss K31 sniper rifle

Joe Craven
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Warzone players are calling on Raven to nerf the “stupid” Swiss K31 sniper rifle, with many claiming the Black Ops Cold War sniper rifle is far too strong and easy to use in CoD’s immensely popular battle royale.

Snipers have long been an integral part of most player’s loadouts, offering a long-range weapon sure to rip through opponents’ armor and defenses. When the battle royale first dropped, Modern Warfare’s AX-50 and HDR were immensely popular.

However, following Black Ops Cold War’s integration, two snipers have gone on to dominate the arena. They are the Kar98k (technically a marksman rifle) and Swiss K31, with both topping the list of most popular overall weapons in Warzone.

While Vanguard’s addition to Warzone could yet shake up the meta in this regard, so too could the nerfs players are demanding for the weapons.

Warzone logo next to Kar98k being used
The Kar98k has long been the top dog in Warzone.

A Reddit post from ‘DefunctHunk_‘ outlined the ease of use of the Swiss, with players being shot able to adjust their aim and hit opponents despite being shot.

Minimal flinch and a fast ADS time are two of the reasons the gun is popular, but are also reasons why many consider it too easy to use and overpowered.

“[The] Swiss K31 needs more flinch,” they said. “Look at how easily he is able to line up his shot.” Attached was a clip showing a player under heavy fire, but still able to drop their opponent thanks to minimal flinch kick.

Others echoed the OP’s points, with one saying: “I agree 100%, there’s no reason they should be able to snipe you while getting hit. It’s pretty f**king stupid.”

Another said: “Of course it needs more flinch. People here saying to hit your shots lmao. Not only are the Swiss & Kar the easiest snipers to use, but they’re also 2 of the easiest guns to use in the game period, which is why they’re the 2 most selected guns.”

Whether Raven makes major adjustments to sniper flinch remains to be seen. It could well depend on the properties and popularity of Vanguard weapons in Warzone.

If there are changes coming, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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