Warzone Pacific Caldera images reveal major changes ahead of launch

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map with pacific logoActivision

Warzone’s highly-anticipated new Pacific map, named Caldera, appears to have undergone some major changes ahead of its arrival in the Call of Duty battle royale on December 9. 

It has been a long time since Warzone’s transition to a Pacific arena was announced. While players are still dropping into Verdansk, Caldera is rapidly approaching – a new Pacific environment that will incorporate a host of new content and new POIs.

Naturally, with such big changes on the horizon, players have been keen to get early glimpses of the Caldera map so they know what to expect when it goes live on December 8 for those with Vanguard, and December 9 for those who don’t own the latest annual title.

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However, early signs suggest Caldera has undergone some pretty major changes ahead of its release.

Warzone CalderaActivision
Activision have revealed the tropical island of Caldera as the new Pacific map for Warzone coming with Vanguard integration.

The majority of our early looks at Caldera came in the Warzone event, Secrets of the Pacific. It showed a map significantly larger than Verdansk with plenty of rivers flowing inland and offering diverse gameplay.

More recent glimpses of Caldera, though, show a map reduced in size and without the aforementioned water sources flowing inland. There appears to be a fair bit of land in the northwest that has been removed, as well as some of its coastlines tidied up and cropped.

The changes were clocked by ModernWarzone on Twitter, who wrote that the “final version of Caldera is quite different from this one seen in the Secrets of the Pacific,” which indicates some drastic changes during the map’s design process.

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The apparent reduction in size probably won’t panic players, with many excited for a new map regardless of its comparable size to Verdansk. There will still be a plethora of new POIs to explore, including the intriguingly named Phosphor Mines and Ancient Structures.

Barring any further delays, Caldera will drop on December 8 and 9. Until then, enjoy the final days of Verdansk.