Call of Duty Vanguard map exploit makes players impossible to kill

sub pens map in vanguardActivision

Vanguard currently has a game-changing map glitch in Sub Pens that is disrupting games. It allows players to essentially hide inside and exploit the map, yet still, be able to shoot and kill players on the map.

It’s not uncommon for players to be able to glitch into maps as it’s happened many times before – notably in Warzone Season 3 with Airport. Vanguard has been pretty clean with regards to these kinds of glitches and exploits so far, but the Sub Pens map appears to have fallen victim to a map exploit allowing players inside of it.

Not only that, but it’s also allowing players that are exploiting this glitch to kill unsuspecting players, making for easy kills and providing an unfair advantage.

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room before control room in sub pens mapActivision
Sub Pens’ verticality has been taken to a whole new level with this exploit.

Sub Pens is a sprawling map with unique lines of sight. You can technically see from one end of the map to the other, and it offers a huge amount of verticality and pathways to explore. Amidst all the space though, it seems like one section of the map is currently exploitable.

Reddit user dvo94 warned Vanguard players to “Watch out for this one on Sub Pens,” and showed why this map glitch should be feared.

The player was running near the back of one of the map’s corners and noticed an isolated red dot highlighted on the radar. A Spy Plane had shown the player the exact location of the enemy soldier, yet they were nowhere to be seen.

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Suddenly, our player was gunned down, and the Killcam contained a startling revelation. As they roamed the area, a player was camped high above the map and clearly in an area considered to be off-limits. They could see outside of the map, but more importantly, they could see any players beneath them.

It’s a concerning clip to say the least as it’s unclear how the player was able to achieve this. Meaning it could take the devs some time to find and patch it, and it will continue to happen.

So if you find yourself in one of Vanguard’s game modes, then err on the side of caution when approaching this area. We’ll keep you updated on whether or not Sledgehammer Games have been able to implement a fix.

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