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Absurd Warzone glitch is making players impossible to kill

Published: 17/Apr/2020 1:54

by Brad Norton


A jaw-dropping Warzone glitch has been ruining the battle royale experience for many teams as players are turning into unstoppable killing machines.

Warzone has already seen its fair share of puzzling issues since its release, from visual glitches in the final zones, to broken buildings and plenty more. 

Exploits have been popping up as well, and the latest game-breaking complication is making some players outright invincible.

A new Warzone bug could is making players outright invincible.

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer component featured a similarly noticeable bug in March that allowed teams to glitch out of the map and become immune to all forms of damage.

Now that very same issue has made its way to Infinity Ward’s 150 player battle royale mode. Rather than glitching into a certain section of the map, however, this new bug lets players walk around freely, gunning down enemies from up close, all while completely immune to incoming fire.


Unable to finish the game and collect a win for their efforts on April 16, Reddit user ‘RaviVora’ and their team were stuck in an impossible situation. The last remaining enemy was simply invincible.

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All four players on the team unloaded all forms of ammunition and explosives onto the target, and they didn’t even flinch.

Hitmarkers weren’t showing up from afar, and even melee seemed ineffective up-close. There was no other option but to run around, accept their fate, and finish in second place due to the glitch.

There’s no telling exactly how the issue came to be, and thus far, it seems as though there’s no clear cut way of recreating the bug. However, a few players had some suggestions.


Most ideas center around the gulag and complications that arise when trying to spawn back in. If the 1v1 ends in a draw but your team buys you back, it could turn you into an unstoppable juggernaut.

Even killstreaks would be useless against an overpowered juggernaut like this.

Such an overpowered and obviously unfair glitch is sure to be patched out of the game in the very near future. Repeating the bug for easy wins may even land you on a list of cheaters, so be careful.

Infinity Ward is yet to address the issue, however, so be on the lookout for invincible enemies over the next few days.