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Game-breaking Warzone gas bug hands players unfair advantage

Published: 6/Apr/2020 2:11

by Brad Norton


Warzone’s gas appears to be giving players an ‘unfair’ advantage as a game-breaking visual glitch could cost you your next match.

Modern Warfare’s new battle royale mode drops 150 players into Verdansk and pushes them closer together with an enclosing circle of gas.

The poisonous gas obscures vision, making it difficult to see enemies outside of the circle. However, a frustrating visual glitch is giving some players the upper hand as the map shrinks.

Infinity Ward
Warzone players are struggling due to the latest gas bug.

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Playing close to the edge of the safe-zone is a completely viable strategy that many look to employ across a number of battle royale titles. After all, it can lead to a handful of easy eliminations as enemy teams scramble to push through the gas.


Sticking to the edges during an April 5 match, Reddit user ‘Arman276’ was gunned down as the greenish poison blocked off their line of sight to a nearby rooftop.

Lacking any form of vision on the enemies, it was clear they were in an unfavorable position. Regardless, they fired away and hoped a few lucky shots would connect. Things didn’t work out as planned, and they were quickly dispatched.

The vision-obscuring gas had not impacted their opponent, as the killcam revealed; leading to a completely imbalanced state of competition to close out their run.

The gas visuals are a very bad design choice – blind either everybody OR nobody from CODWarzone

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Down to the final three players in another April 5 match, Reddit user ‘Gnarkillo’ also encountered a similar issue that cost them the win.


Unable to spot an enemy player through the gas, there was no telling where the final competitors were. Eventually leading to a swift demise due to a lack of vision.

Watching the game-breaking bug in action though, the enemy killcam once again, appeared entirely void of any vision-obscuring gas.

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Not the first Warzone issue revolving around the gas, players also uncovered ways of staying in the poison forever.

Developers at Infinity Ward are yet to comment on the latest bug. Make sure you’re extra-vigilant as the safe-zone continues to shrink until a patch removes the issue.