Frustrating Warzone cheaters are getting easy kills by hiding in walls

Infinity Ward

Cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone are getting easy kills to their name by glitching into walls, letting them freely walk within a structure’s barriers to pick people off.

There have been a few sightings of this happening around Warzone’s City of Verdansk’s Port, inside of the two-story ‘Gardar’ building. The exploit has been giving cheaters a way to eliminate unsuspecting players without a chance for a counter-play.

One of the worst things about this cheat is that it doesn’t appear to be the work of a third-party hack. By using an exploit to glitch into the walls, it appears as if any player can squeak their way inside of the building’s parameters.

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Cheeky-Bean via Reddit
Warzone players are using an exploit to glitch into walls.

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What results from the exploit is a permanently shielded player with the ability to not only see into the many rooms and hallways of the building, but also have the ability to shoot into them.

From user ‘Cheeky-Bean’s perspective, it looked as if they had walked into an invisible turret mounted onto the ceiling since he was greeted with a barrage of gunfire moments after entering the structure’s open doors.

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But the kill-cam moments after their demise revealed a pair of players making quick work of anyone in or around the building from within the walls.

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“In order to clip into walls like we keep seeing, they are abusing glitches that are inside of everyone’s game,” user ‘sir_lurkzalot’ said in response to the clip. “They’re due to an oversight of the developers. Now that people have figured out how to glitch into one or two places they’re seeing if the same methods work in other places.”

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This is something that the Warzone community would like to see patched up, seeing as it makes it nearly impossible to beat players using the exploit sans avoiding buildings all together.

But the exploit is just one instance of ways players have been cheating in Warzone. The problem has gotten so out of hand lately that developers have had to address what they’re doing to get rid of hackers.

With the team at Infinity Ward working to make progress on the numerous issues in Warzone, hopefully at least one of their solutions will prevent players from exploiting this problematic wall glitch.

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