Abandoned Vanguard shotgun dominates Warzone KD and win leaderboards

Alex Garton
Warzone Combat Shotgun

An underrated Vanguard shotgun is going under the radar in Warzone and currently has the highest KD ratio and win rate in the entire game.

When it comes to picking a weapon to use in Warzone, the majority of players opt to choose the most popular picks in the meta.

Currently, those are the KG M40, Cooper Carbine, STG44, Marco 5, and of course, the deadly Armaguerra 43 SMG.

While creating loadouts with these guns will guarantee you can compete in your matches, it’s sometimes better to think outside the box and test out underrated weapons.

One that might be worth considering at the moment is the abandoned Combat Shotgun, which is top-tier when it comes to stats in Warzone, but maintains an extremely low pick rate.

Combat Shotgun Warzone
The Combat Shotgun has the highest win rate and KD according to WZRanked.

Vanguard’s Combat Shotgun is being overlooked in Warzone

A lot of balance changes arrived in the Season 4 Reloaded patch and one of the weapons that got buffed was the Combat Shotgun.

With a Max Pellet Damage increase of 26%, the gun is now a force to be reckoned with at close-range, and can one shot opponents with ease.

If that wasn’t enough, according to WZRanked, it has the highest win rate in Warzone at 4.77% and KD ratio at 1.42.

Surprisingly, despite these impressive stats, the Combat Shotgun has one of the lowest pick rates in the game at 0.08%.

Combat Shotgun Warzone
The Combat Shotgun excels at close-range.

While you’ll definitely need to run Overkill with this gun so you can takedown opponents at medium to long-range, there are very few weapons that can compete with the Combat Shotgun at close-quarters.

Without a doubt, this is worth testing in one of your matches as its hard to know how long it’ll be before the shotgun gains a little more popularity.

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