Call of Duty players call for classic “OP” Modern Warfare 2 weapon attachment to return

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Modern Warfare II players have called for a very popular weapon attachment from the original 2009 Modern Warfare 2 to be added to the game, claiming that it would be a great addition to the latest Call of Duty title.

Modern Warfare II launched in October 2022, around 13 years after the game of the same name became one of the most iconic FPS titles in the world.

It broke Call of Duty sales records and quickly became the most successful launch in franchise history, perhaps with some players dreaming of it emulating the feeling of playing the classic game again.

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While there aren’t many throwback features to the classic MW2 title, some players want to see one particular weapon attachment come back.

While guns like the ACR, UMP 45, and Intervention were supremely popular back in the day, and players would love to see them return, it’s actually something different that they’re calling for now.

With almost 2000 upvotes on Reddit and hundreds of comments in agreement, Youngthephoenixx wants something very simple added back into the game: the Tactical Knife attachment.

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For those who don’t remember, the Tactical Knife was a pistol attachment that allowed you to quickly melee your opponents if you were running around with your pistol out, making those sudden, unexpected gunfights slightly easier.

Of course, in the original MW2, you could pair that with the Commando Pro perk and you’d be able to lunge ridiculous distances to take out enemies with your quick melee, so it was incredibly frustrating to come up against, with one player in the above post even calling it “so OP.”

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With Commando Pro no longer a thing, however, it might be slightly more balanced now and much less of a cause for concern.

Whether something like this could get added in, however — especially as melees are now no longer one-hit kills but instead take two — is unclear.