Modern Warfare 2 leaks reveal much-wanted Gunsmith changes

Gunsmith system in Modern WarfareActivision

New Modern Warfare II leaks have surfaced from leaker and insider TheGhostofHope and it seems like the customization Gunsmith system is in for an overhaul. 

Call of Duty 2022 is still a while away but more and more details are hitting the internet by the day.

While the upcoming sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare will reportedly feature several new game modes and will also usher in a new era of Warzone, those are not the only big changes Infinity Ward is making.

Fresh tweets from TheGhostofHope suggest that the franchise’s signature weapon customization system will also be getting stripped down to a form more like the Call of Duty games of old.

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Modern Warfare 2’s gunsmith gets classic makeover

Gunsmith from Modern WarfareActivision
Call of Duty’s current Gunsmith system started in Modern Warfare 2019 and has only expanded ever since.

If these reports are correct, then MWII will be using a five attachment system in place of the current 10 option version.

This means classes will go back to looking more like the days of the ACR and UMP-45 than the Grau and OTs 9.

The current era of Call of Duty features a deep and complex weapon-building system.

In the newest game, Vanguard, Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns feature 10 total customization slots. Players use those slots to spec out the guns according to their preferences.

While this allows for interesting combinations and creative expression, fans believe that it makes balancing the game much harder than in the past.

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Back in March TheGhostofHope also claimed that the game’s perk system would also be getting a revamp, so it seems like COD fans should buckle up for a whole new kind of experience when the new game arrives in late 2022.