Rumor: Battlefield 6 cover art leak reveals ‘Battlefield 2042’ title

Battlefield 6 Battlefield 2042 Leaked Cover Art With LogoElectronic Arts

A new series of leaks related to Electronic Arts’ next Battlefield title, known up to this point simply as Battlefield 6, indicate that the franchise’s next installment could actually be titled ‘Battlefield 2042.’

Rumors about EA’s next Battlefield title have swamped the internet in the months since the first hints of the game began to emerge. With an official reveal event scheduled for June 9, the hype and speculation surrounding the game have risen to new levels.

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Ahead of EA’s official event, new potential leaks have emerged pointing towards an official title that many weren’t expecting. Despite previous assumptions that the game would simply be called Battlefield 6, a piece of leaked artwork is now indicating the game will bear the name ‘Battlefield 2042.’

Battlefield 2142 Screenshot 2Electronic Arts
Some fans are speculating the next Battlefield title could be a call-back to Battlefield 2142.

The latest Battlefield leaks came after information from Tom Henderson’s Discord server — Tom being a well-known leaker who has shared information about the upcoming title in the past — was posted to Reddit.

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While the post’s titled referred to Battlefield 6, it quickly pointed to a new, shared title: Battlefield 2042. Information from the leak indicated that the game is set “20 years after Battlefield 4,” which would land its setting right around that 2042 timeframe.

Another piece of apparently leaked evidence began to circulate on social media that appeared to corroborate that information: a screenshot of what a leaker claimed was the cover art for the next game, which clearly displayed the title ‘Battlefield 2042.’

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As these leaks purportedly originated from his Discord server, Henderson took to Twitter and issued a series of comments regarding the latest round of information spreading amongst fans.

He shared that after digging into the leak further, the new 2042 image seemed to come from a different location than other leaked files, and Henderson noted that “although this doesn’t prove or disprove anything, I would approach [the new leak] with caution.”

Despite urging fans to take the latest leaks with a grain of salt, Henderson did reiterate that EA has already discussed the next Battlefield title’s setting as the “near future,” and while it hasn’t officially been confirmed, “a 2042 setting is definitely plausible.”

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Several shrewd fans also pointed to another link between the proposed 2042 title, and an older Battlefield game: Battlefield 2142. Both end with 42, and fans also noticed that Battlefield 2142 was released in 2006  — putting its debut exactly 15 years before this year’s Battlefield release.

Despite the information suggested by these leaks, the next game’s official title will likely remain a mystery until EA’s event on June 9. We will make sure to keep you updated on any further potential ‘Battlefield 2042’ developments.

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