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More Battlefield 6 images leak ahead of EA’s big reveal event

Published: 18/May/2021 10:22 Updated: 25/May/2021 12:34

by James Busby


More Battlefield 6 images have leaked online, which reveals yet another look at DICE’s upcoming FPS title. 

The hype surrounding Battlefield 6 is reaching new levels and players from all over the world are still eagerly awaiting an official announcement from DICE. However, it looks as though fans may not have to wait as long as they initially thought. A fresh batch of leaked images have now surfaced online, which come just weeks after the May 1 leaks. 

Many fans were obviously skeptical of the original leaked images, but now, the new screenshots have shed even more light on the upcoming FPS title. While all the images below have a watermark on them, they do give us a fresh look at what appears to be the Battlefield 6 trailer. 


New Battlefield 6 leaked images

Battlefield 6 trailer rocket

The leaked images were originally posted to Tom Henderson’s official Discord server, where the reputable leaker confirmed their authenticity.

Everything from a missile launch site,  tropical island, and silhouette soldier can be seen. We also get a nice look at the new Battlefield logo, which is displayed in light blue and appears on a black background. 

Battlefield 6 supposed leaks

While the watermark covers the middle portion of every image, there does appear to be some kind of modern-day machine that is streaking its way across the battlefield. It could be some kind of reconnaissance drone or courier device, but at this moment in time, it is too early to tell. 


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Battlefield 6 and EA’s executives have confirmed that the game will be revealed in June, so players won’t have to wait much longer before we see some official footage. Additional news could also be announced at this year’s EA PLAY LIVE event, which will take place July 22. 

Whether more leaked images surrounding the upcoming Battlefield 6 release will surface before then remains to be seen, but in the meantime, these leaks certainly support the claim of a modern-day setting.