Dr Disrespect explains his biggest concerns with Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect and a Batlefield character in Hazard zone

Despite having plenty of excitement at first, Dr Disrespect has some nagging concerns about Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode and suggests it might “get old real fast.”

Ever since Dice first started teasing their next release, the hype for Battlefield 2042 has been sky-high, and players finally got their hands on it with the recent beta testing phase. Though, the reaction to the beta offering was pretty mixed.

Despite that, the Hazard Zone mode – which has been described by some as an Escape from Tarkov-esque experience – has also gotten plenty of hype from expectant players.

That includes Dr Disrespect who has repeatedly spoken about his excitement for Battlefield, and how the addition of a battle royale experience could massively help the game. However, after getting more details on Hazard Zone, he’s got some new concerns.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone gameplay
Hazard Zone is all about sticking together and extracting Data Drives with your squad.

Speaking after Dice’s deep dive into Hazard Zone, The Doc voiced concerns about the maps and how the pacing will affect the gameplay, given it appears the mode will be played at a much faster pace than he first thought.

“If we’re playing on these maps with 32 players total, and AI’s are running around, are the maps going to feel too small?” the Doc asked, noting just how quickly he was able to get around the beta map which was pretty big. “Remember, you can get across these maps pretty fast.”

The former Call of Duty developer continued: “I just don’t know if the player mechanics will hurt the appeal of the game mode because they’re almost too fast.” He also noted that the mode could “get old real fast” if the scripted AI doesn’t undergo constant changes.

Timestamp of 1:07:00

With the Escape from Tarkov AI, things are constantly tweaked to ensure that runs aren’t exactly the same every time. The movement pattern of enemies varies with each update, for example.

The Doc is still hyped about the game and impressed by certain features, but only time will tell if his concerns will actually be realized.

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