Battlefield 2042 players slam EA over bizarre ‘product placement’ playercards

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Battlefield 2042 players are flaming publisher EA after they’ve noticed the addition of playercards with incredibly obvious (and borderline obnoxious) product placement. 

It’s fair to say that EA DICE’s latest addition to their flagship franchise, Battlefield 2042, has got off to a rocky start. Despite the advent of Season 1 on the horizon, the game has become so unpopular with players that they’ve decided to revisit older games.

If that wasn’t enough to dissuade players from picking up 2042, the discovery of blatant product placement has others up in arms about the divisive game.

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Battlefield 2042 soldiers checking a dropDICE
Battlefield 2042 players will need something special from EA DICE to keep the game afloat.

Battlefield 2042 players slam EA’s approach

Product placement isn’t an alien concept in modern media, but it can infringe on having a fun experience if done wrong. In the case of Battlefield 2042, EA has seemingly begun implementing adverts for brands such as Logitech.

The Logitech playercard is part of a pack that includes “2 weapon skins and an EABB Wildcat skin”, according to user u/Arkonungr. It also takes up a substantial portion of the screen during a pre-game lobby.

U/VagueSomething posited that Battlefield’s marketing at least ironically fits with the game’s nightmarish tone: “You’re paying to see this ad in-game but someone else likely paid to show you this ad on their profile. At least this part of the game’s atmosphere is a dystopian nightmare like the lore claims the world is.”

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“Wait until you start seeing FIFA card pack advertisements within the new maps! On buildings and all!” added fellow player u/PavlovDoes.

This isn’t the first time that the franchise has displayed ads within the game either: “2142 had advertisement billboards as well. And that was a decade ago.”

For player u/Ratdogkent, Battlefield 2042 seems to be the nail in the coffin for the franchise, as they commented that “this game is so sh** and it hurts to say that honestly. I love battlefield but f**k they have just wrecked it.”

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Hopefully, EA can set the game on a correcting path in the New Year, but it remains to be seen whether the disgruntled players will give it another chance.

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