Crazy Warzone clip is perfect proof Helicopters need to be removed from Solos

Shay Robson
warzone attack helicopter

An insane Warzone clip shows exactly why the overpowered Attack Helicopters may need to be reconsidered by the devs and removed from Solo lobbies.

The sheer size of Warzone’s map gives a need for quick and easy transportation, which happens to come in the form of attack helicopters, quad bikes, cargo trucks, and now even fighter planes with the release of the new map Caldera on December 9.

However, while these transportation methods provide useful means to get across the entire map, they’re also deadly – giving players opportunities to slay the lobby in some hilarious ways.

call of duty warzone pacific caldera planes flying
Fighter Planes are one of the latest additions to Warzone.

Throughout Warzone’s time, we’ve seen helicopters dip in and out of the game. However, the Attack Helicopters returned for the third time with the Pacific Caldera Season 1 update, which included their addition to solo games once again.

In a Reddit post on December 25, Warzone player jamcowl showed off their insane clip – bagging 10 kills in a matter of minutes, all while using an attack helicopter.

The player even styled on another helicopter at the end of the clip, pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book – ejecting before crashing into the other helicopter.

The problem specifically relates to Solos because, in a team-based mode, players would be knocked or have teammates to help protect them. In Solos, being scraped by an enemy helicopter results in an instant ticket to the Gulag.

“I’m enjoying the inclusion of helicopters in solos,” said the player, but other Warzone fans weren’t exactly happy. “I think it’s funny and I hate you at the same time,” said one player. “I dislike you, but good job,” said another.

Jamcowl ended the game with over 30 kills and, despite what happened at the start, the player was commemorated for his good game by another player.

With the devs closed down for the holidays, it’s unlikely we’ll see any changes to Attack Helicopters any time soon. There’s also a huge backlog of bugs and community feedback to get through, so any changes will likely come in early 2022.