Simple Warzone bundle change is just the overhaul blueprint weapons need

Warzone Pacific Store with Bundle OptionActivision

Warzone players have floated simple changes to the game’s bundles, which would instantly improve weapon blueprints in the Call of Duty battle royale. 

Despite Warzone having a pretty exhaustive and enticing store, the game has remained blissfully free of pay-to-win mechanics or weapons. Everything players can purchase with real world money is cosmetic only, meaning it may look awesome but, if you generally suck at Warzone, you’ll just look cool while sucking.

Some of the most aesthetically unique weapons in Warzone are blueprints – pre-built versions of weapons that are often difficult to acquire. However, fans have found a drawback with the rare weapons.

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Warzone Trick or Treat rewardActivision
Blueprints are pre-built versions of existing weapons, often uniquely designed.

Because they come equipped with all attachments, their unique aesthetics only remain if players stick with the pre-built loadout. Any attachment changes will change the gun’s aesthetics – much to users’ displeasure.

Whilst Activision could change to blueprints to be un-customizable, this would almost certainly be disliked by the community. A more obvious solution, as floated by Redditor fantafanta_, would be to simply adjust blueprints so their design is not affected by attachment changes.

“Activision would heavily increase their sales if they did one simple thing with the bundles,” they said. “Make it where changing the attachments on a blueprint does not change its look. This instantly makes blueprints way more valuable and appealing to everyone. The new STG blueprint looks amazing but it’s pointless to buy when you completely ruin the look just by changing a few attachments.”

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Other suggestions, which would negate any confusion caused by weapon aesthetics not changing, were to simply add the capacity for new attachments to match the blueprint in question’s aesthetics.

Such a change would surely be within Raven’s reach, and would enable customization while retaining blueprint’s unique style.

Only time will tell if such a change is possible but the balance of opinion on Reddit suggested many fans want to see it implemented.

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