Twitch streamer uses drum kit to go on a killing streak in Modern Warfare

Streamer DeanoBeano goes viral for CoD plays with the drumsTwitter/DeanoBeano

Streamer DeanoBeano has gone viral again thanks to clips of the Twitch drummer dominating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – all with his drum kit.

While streamers often make headlines for playing some sort of strange configuration, it’s rare that they play as well with it as DeanoBeano does with the drums.

The streamer showed off one of his most impressive plays yet when he went on an insane killing streak, landing snipe after snipe after snipe, drum sticks in hand.

The frenzy of the headshots accompanying the satisfying sound of the cymbal being tapped make the clip even better than if it had been performed with a regular controller or mouse.

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Just like that in the span of a few seconds, the streamer managed to score five kills with relative ease. Precision drumming at its finest – and it’s not easy. In order to alter his POV, he needs to lightly tap the drums.

In less than a day on Reddit, the clip received countless awards from other users and was upvoted over 25,000 times.

Using the drums as a gaming controller took some getting used to. As the streamer explained in a YouTube video, “it wasn’t easy to control at first, but after playing for a bit, I finally started getting the hang of it.”

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This isn’t the first time that DeanoBeano has gone viral either. Back in August, a clip of the streamer scoring a single kill with the drum kit was viewed over one million times. It really goes to show just how much he’s improved since then.

As the Canadian’s CoD skills keep improving, there’s no telling how good he will be by the time Black Ops: Cold War comes out. Keep an eye out for this man in your lobbies!

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