Modern Warfare streamer goes viral with insane drum kit snipe

Modern Warfare Gunfight next to a Drum Kit being playedInfinity Ward/Unsplash

A Call of Duty Twitch streamer by the name DeanoBeano recently crossed two of his passions – Modern Warfare and drumming. The results, as you’d expect, were hilarious but also actually weirdly successful. 

DeanoBeano is a Twitch streamer based in Ontario, Canada who, at the time of writing, has just shy of 1,200 followers on the streaming platform.

According to his Twitch bio, he “stream drums on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and video games on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays”.

However, recent streams have seen him combine the two, swapping out a standard controller for a drum kit while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Surprisingly, it worked out pretty well in his favor.

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Modern Warfare's oil rig mapInfinity Ward
Modern Warfare has millions players worldwide, but this might be the first time anyone’s swapped a controller for a drum kit.

The biggest problem with this setup, aside from the obvious, is that basic controllers have two joysticks – one for movement and one for aiming.

Ditching these for a drum kit meant Deano was almost entirely reliant on light taps to alter his FOV, and then firing once a shot was perfectly lined up. The shooting mechanic was commanded by tapping a cymbal and Deano got it on point during a game of Hardpoint.

On the new Oil Rig map, Deano kept his distance and lined up a shot as an enemy moved for the hill. The result was an AX-50 shot to the torso, and the kill was complete.

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The clip quickly went viral on Twitter, with many Modern Warfare fans in disbelief at the ability to get a kill with a drum kit.

It’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen players swapping controllers out for bizarre alternatives. Back in April, YouTube star Noel Miller went viral while using a steering wheel as a controller, even winning his Gulag 1v1.

With millions of players worldwide, we’re not sure what controller alternative we’ll see next, but given the success of drum kits and steering wheels, nothing should be written off.