Apex Legends Mobile makes players jealous with exclusive skins & select animations

Lauren Bergin
apex legends night terror wraith legendary skin finishing off pathfinder

As Apex Legends mobile continues to roll out across the globe, its eye-catching exclusive skins and awesome Legend select animations have left PC and console players green with envy. 

After constant speculation and delays, Apex Legends Mobile has finally launched in ten countries around the world. From New Zealand to Colombia, Indonesia to Argentina, mobile gamers have been diving in to experience what the handheld version has to offer.

Some of Apex Mobile’s features have already proven popular, with players asking Respawn to adapt the ‘Follow’ and ‘Battle’ commands into the core game.

It turns out that there’s even more for PC and console player envious of, though, as the mobile title’s awesome exclusive skins and stunning Legend select animations for Legendary cosmetics are leaving fans’ jaws on the floor.

apex legends mobile wraith bangalore and octane
Apex Mobile has finally hit our screens, and boy does it look good.

Apex Mobile’s exclusive skins & animations are amazing

Apex Mobile has gifted players two Legendary Lifeline skins as part of the battle pass: Down for the Count and Martial Malpractice. Two others were previously revealed for toxic trapper, Caustic, but it’s the Lifeline ones that have captured players’ attention.

The former sees the fan-favorite support don martial arts-inspired training armor, while the latter sees her sport a gold and black boxing-style outfit. “I want this Lifeline skin in the main game,” writes one fan, but most comment on the unique Legend select animations that accompany these Legendary cosmetics.

For each different Legendary skin, we see a short animation when it is selected. While Lifeline struggles to control her mischievous D.O.C Drone, Wraith tears through her portals and stares menacingly into the camera.

“Will we ever get this kind of quality content in the main game?” asks one, while another echoes ” the main game doesn’t even have unique animations for prestige skins.”

While we’re unlikely to see the Mobile exclusive skins make it into the base game, it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn take a leaf out of Apex Mobile’s book and add more Legend Select intros for high-tier skins into the base game.

Until then, though, we’ll just have to control our envy.

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