Titanfall fans are losing hope after latest Apex Legends character reveal

Calum Patterson
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If you haven’t been keeping up with the Titanfall hype, then teasers, plus the sudden repair of Titanfall 2 led some in the community to get their hopes up about a new entry in the series. But, the latest Apex Legends trailer has now dashed that hope for some.

For many years, Titanfall 2’s multiplayer servers remained in a state of disrepair, often simply impossible to play a match on any platform.

However, quietly, Respawn began fixing and updating the game, even adding new limited-time modes with rather cryptic descriptions.

Of course, Respawn has simultaneously remained entirely tight-lipped on all things Titanfall – and when the newest Apex Legends character was revealed on October 19, filled with Titanfall references, it was a sobering sight for some hopeful players.

Was Respawn just teasing the new Legend all along?

There has been a complaint from some in the Titanfall community, particularly those who don’t care much for Apex, that Respawn’s fan service to their original franchise is nothing more than a marketing ploy for their newer and undeniably more successful battle royale game.

So, when the first trailer for Conduit, the new Season 19 legend, dropped, and featured a big titan battle at the outset, some of the fears these fans have came true – were the Titanfall teasers just for this?

After the trailer was released, the top post on the subreddit was entitled “It’s joever, pilots. New Legend is coming.”

The Titanfall subreddit is now where the small but lively community gathers to pray for something, anything, new in the Titanfall series.

“If this is what the hype was for then the sum of the marketing department iq might be countable with one hand,” one clearly displeased fan commented.

“They’re all watching the internet freak out over TF3 and they’re like “nah keep apex alive longer,” another chimed in.

One player, reminded of previous Titanfall ‘hints’ in Apex, said, “THEY DID THIS TO US! AGAIN!” – but another more level-headed response came: “We did this to ourselves, kinda.”

It’s certainly true, that for Respawn’s part, they actually haven’t done anything to cause real belief that a new Titanfall game is even a remote possibility (except for a now infamous tweet in 2021, teasing “Who knows what the future holds…”).

For now, if the Titanfall 2 updates were even connected to the new Legend, no one really knows.

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