Which new weapon is coming to Apex Legends in Season 4? Leaks & rumors

Albert Petrosyan
Redddit u/Mnkymnk / That1MiningGuy

With Apex Legends Season 4 already not too far away, it’s never too early to speculate about what new weapon Respawn Entertainment will be adding, and it looks like it’ll be either the Volt or CAR SMGs.

Season 3: Meltdown is winding down in Apex Legends, with there being only a few weeks left until Season 4 kicks off on the one-year anniversary date of the game’s release.

As has been the case at the start of the first three seasons, the launch of Season 4 will see the debut of a brand new weapon, which would be the fourth new gun added in the battle royale.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 4 will introduce a brand new weapon, but which one?

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According to leaks and general speculation, the two likeliest weapons to be added are the Volt and CAR, both of which are SMGs that originated in Respawn’s Titanfall series.

This would certainly make sense, considering that the first three post-launch guns added – the Havoc, L-STAR, and Charge Rifle – are an assault rifle, LMG, and sniper rifle respectively, leaving only the SMG class without a new weapon yet.

It’s not yet clear which of the two Respawn will end up adding, there’s enough evidence to support both, as we take a closer look at the unreleased weapons below.

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Volt SMG

The Volt is described in Titanfall 2 as an “energy submachine gun that fires concentrated bolts of high energy.” It was first discovered in the back-end game files and subsequently leaked by prominent data-miner ‘That1MiningGuy.’

Most in the community believe that the Volt is more likely to be added of the two because it’s an energy SMG and it would complete the set of energy-based weapons in the game, as there’s already an assault rifle (Havoc), LMG (Devotion), and sniper rifle (Triple Take).

Apex Legends renderings of the Volt SMG found in the back-end game files.

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In Titanfall 2, this weapon’s fire rate, damage, and time-to-kill were relatively lower than the R-97 (Titanfall’s equivalent of the R-99), however, it was a lot more accurate, could be used viably at longer ranges, and had a more reliable hip-fire precision.

In the video below, popular Apex YouTuber ‘The Gaming Merchant‘ went into detail about what the Volt potentially coming to the battle royale.


The CAR is the second SMG that That1MiningGuy found in the back-end game files after it became apparent that the developers were testing kick patterns for both guns.

It too featured prominently in Titanfall 2, described as “an SMG designed to fire a more powerful round, providing greater damage and accuracy at the cost of fire rate and capacity.”

Respawn Entertainment
The CAR SMG as it appeared in the TItanfall games.

Unlike the Volt, this is a purely ballistic weapon, functioning as a much more traditional submachine gun. That’s why a lot of players have made it clear that they prefer the Volt be added instead, mainly because the CAR would be too similar to some of the other weapons that are already in the game, such as the R-99, Alternator, and RE-45.

Respawn also dropped what many fans believe is a teaser for the CAR when one of their cosplayers for Caustic was seen holding the gun during TwitchCon 2019.

u/shikaritr / Reddit
Crypto and Caustic posing with what appears to be the CAR SMG from Titanfall 2.

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It must be noted that there’s no guarantee either of these weapons will function as they did in the Titanfall games, as it’s entirely possible that Respawn would make fundamental changes to their Apex Legends versions.

Furthermore, all of this should be regarded as nothing more than leaks and speculation because nothing is official until Respawn and EA announce Season 4.