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When does Apex Legends Season 4 start? Season 3 end, battle pass, more

Published: 7/Jan/2020 12:45 Updated: 7/Jan/2020 12:46

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends Season 4 is now fast approaching as the game nears its one-year anniversary, and here’s everything we know so far about what to expect. 

While there’s still plenty of time for players to work their way through the Season 3 Battle Pass, it’s a new year and many fans are looking forward to a new season in Respawn’s popular battle royale.

While Respawn Entertainment may not be planning quite so big a shake-up as the introduction of an all-new map in Season 3, the new season can be expected to offer plenty of fresh new content for players to experience. Here’s a look at what we know so far.

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto joined the Apex Legends ranks in Season 3, but we’re quickly approaching Season 4.

When is Apex Legends Season 4?

Season 4 of Apex Legends is set to start on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – exactly the one year anniversary of the game’s release. Season 3 is expected to come to an end on the same day, although the exact times at which one season ends and the next begins remains unknown.

According to the in-game battle pass, Season 3 is set to last longer than any previous season. The original first-year roadmap aimed for Season 4 to kick off in December 2019, but the schedule has clearly been delayed.

While all three of the seasons so far have arrived a month later than anticipated by the roadmap, it seems Season 4 has been pushed an additional month, making it the start of the game’s second year, rather than the conclusion of the first.

This also means that Season 3 will be the longest of any season so far, giving fans who are still hoping to secure Season 3 rewards and work through the battle pass ranks will have a bit more time than they might have expected.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Apex Legends roadmap suggested Season Four would start in December.

Who is the Apex Legends Season 4 new Legend?

Previous seasons have introduced Octane, Wattson, and Crypto to the Apex Legends roster, and the fourth major update should be no different. However, it’s difficult to say as to who exactly will be joining the team.

We’ve seen a number of leaks for new characters, some more detailed than others, but unlike Crypto in season three, there haven’t been a tonne of hints. It’s possible to say that Revenant maybe next considering they play a role in the Shadowfall LTM as that creepy voice you always hear.

It could also very well end up being someone like Rosie or Nomad, who both were hinted at ahead of season three thanks to tweets about the game’s development.

Respawn EntertainmentRevenant plays a role in Shadowfall, but could be playable in Season 4.

Will Apex Legends Season 4 have new weapons?

Like the new characters, new weapons have been a staple in the release of new seasons. We’ve already seen the L-Star and Charge Rifle join the fray, and they’ll likely be joined by another in the near future.

Data miners have identified multiple potential candidates, most notably the Volt SMG, which appears to be an energy weapon, and the CAR SMG, both of which featured in Titanfall 2. Whether one or both of these will in fact be added in Season 4, or another weapon entirely, remains to be seen.

Will there be a new map for Apex Legends Season 4?

With Season 3 having introduced the World’s Edge map, some players will undoubtedly be wondering whether the next season will once again open up a new battleground for Legends to fight in.

So far, there’s been no word on a new map for the game, although with World’s Edge itself having been a well-kept secret prior to its release, it’s not impossible that the developers could have another big surprise up their sleeves for Season 4.

Whether Respawn will go as far as making another brand-new map for Season 4 remains to be seen, although it seems a little unlikely that they’d use a map for only a single season. That said, it’s entirely possible that Season 4 could at least give players the chance to once again battle in Kings Canyon, as many fans have requested.

Respawn Entertainment (EA)World’s Edge was introduced with Season 3, replacing the original map Kings Canyon.

How much will the Season 4 battle pass cost?

The battle passes for all three previous seasons cost 950 Apex Coins – so you’ll probably have to pick up 1,000 from the store for £7.99/$10 for season four as well.

You can keep ahold of the free currency that can be claimed through battle pass progression and use that too, provided you haven’t spent it already.

So, while not everything has been announced just yet, that’s what we know about Apex Legends season four so far. We’ll keep this post updated as Respawn drop some more hints and confirmed news throughout season three.

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Apex Legends pro Snip3down’s best tips for controller looting & moving

Published: 29/Nov/2020 20:33 Updated: 29/Nov/2020 23:50

by Julian Young


The Apex Legends community constantly disagrees on which input device is king: mouse-and-keyboard or controller. While both have their benefits and downfalls, pro Apex player ‘TSM Snip3down’ has shared three ways that controller players can compete with mouse-and-keyboard users by moving while they loot.

The controller versus M&KB debate has raged on in the Apex Legends community since the game’s release. With many controller players seeing great success on Twitch and in the competitive scene, the arguments over the fairness of using controllers on PC have not slowed down.

Both options offer players distinct advantages and also suffer from unique limitations. One issue for controller players is they are largely unable to move while looting, which is something mouse-and-keyboard users can do with ease.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Snip3down — a Halo veteran and one of the top controller players in the pro Apex scene — offered some advice for controller users to help avoid this limitation. Here are three ways that controller players can maintain their movement when looting death boxes.

Apex Legends ALGS
Electronic Arts
Snip3down joined TSM’s competitive Apex team in October 2020 and has been competing for them in the ALGS.

Foot pedal method

The first method mentioned by Snip3down in his video is the use of foot pedals. This piece of hardware is an additional tool players can use to assign various actions to another device outside of their controller or keyboard.

In Snipe3down’s case, his pedals are configured to allow extra movement options while looting. He has mapped the left pedal to the ‘A’ key, and the right pedal to the ‘D’ key on his keyboard, allowing him to move back-and-forth with his pedals while looting with his controller.

While this is Snip3down’s preferred method, he recognizes that not all players want to invest in extra hardware like foot pedals. To address this, he also provides two alternative methods that controller players can use to move and loot.

‘Open-while-moving’ method

The second option Snip3down lists for looting and moving involves some precise timing on the part of the player. For this technique, one needs to hold whatever button they use to open death boxes, and when the action is almost complete, start sprinting forward.

When executed properly, this method keeps the death box open and allows the player to pick up items until they move out of range from the box. Snip3down demonstrates this by snagging a few items while he sprints forward before the death box closes.

While this combination of movement and button-pressing requires specific timing and practice, players do not need to buy and use additional hardware to accomplish their goal. Although it takes more effort to perfect, this method is more easily accessible for most players.

Apex Legends Controller Settings
Respawn Entertainment
Controller players can switch out some of the default button mapping to access additional movement options.

‘Crouch-when-looting’ method

The final technique Snip3down identifies in his video involves players remapping buttons on their controller.  While Snip3down clarifies that he does not use this method himself, he knows of other players that utilize it effectively.

If players are comfortable with changing their controller settings, they can swap the button used to melee with the button they use to crouch. Changing the button mapping in this way will allow players to crouch while looting death boxes.

Controller players on PC who feel they are at a disadvantage when it comes to looting can use any of these methods to level the playing field. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TitanfallBlog for more Apex Legends tips, tricks, and news.