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This Apex Legends TikTok sketch has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

Published: 1/Dec/2021 10:30

by Nathan Warby


There’s nothing wrong with showing a little gratitude when your Apex Legends teammate cleans up and saves the game. But it is possible to go too far, as this viral TikTok sketch showed.

We’ve all been there, right? You get knocked on Apex Legends only for your teammate to clutch up and rescue the game, while you’re floundering around on the floor.

If this happens, and especially around Thanksgiving, there’s no harm in telling your compadre that you appreciate them. Apex is a game of teamwork after all.

But – as this hilarious viral TikTok showed – it’s possible to be a little too ‘thankful’ in the heat of battle.


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We all get knocked down on Apex from time to time

The sketch comes from TikToker and streamer, ankle_sprain, who has built up a strong following with his Apex Legends content. His latest clip titled “How to compliment your teammate when they clutch part four,” has racked up nearly one million views.

In it, a squad member revives the player after finishing off a rival team. He wishes his saviour a happy Thanksgiving before things start to get downright weird.

He tells his fellow player that he is thankful to have a “strong, sturdy, and girthy” teammate like him. It doesn’t get any better, as he then offers to feed to him turkey with his fingers.



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This is followed by an exchange involving pumpkin pie that we’d rather not repeat. The other player didn’t seem to be phased by his overly thankful teammate, clapping back with his own hilarious response before the clip abruptly ends.

The video has instantly become ankle_sprains most successful post, amassing an impressive 185,000 likes and plenty of quality comments from users responding to the madness they have just witnessed.

So, especially over the holiday season, don’t be scared to let a teammate know that you appreciate their hard work. Our only advice – don’t take it too far.


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