Viral Apex Legends TikTok uncovers “secret” Loba supply bin on Storm Point

Apex Legends secret supply binRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered a “secret” supply bin on Storm Point that’s completely hidden, meaning only Loba can access it.

Since the release of Storm Point on November 2, Apex players have been exploring the tropical map inside out. In their search, the community has discovered invisible rooms, top-tier hiding locations, and even a set of instant death spots.

However, despite being live for nearly a month, inquisitive players are still finding secret mechanics and locations across the map, with one of the most exciting discoveries being found recently.

Hidden from view in the North Pad POI, a secret supply bin has been found, but only one Legend is capable of accessing the loot inside.

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North Pad POI Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
North Pad is located in the North-West quadrant of the Storm Point map.

Hidden Apex Legends supply bin found on Storm Point

Apex Legends TikTok creator RossBobSquirrel has found a “secret” supply bin on the Storm Point map at the North Pad POI.

Located inside a yellow oil canister, the bin is completely hidden from view and can only be pinged by players when they stand directly behind the tanker.

While the supply bin is impossible to open normally, it is accessible to loot with the Translocating Thief, Loba.

Simply set up your Black Market next to the yellow tanker and you’ll have an extra supply bin for you and your squad to access. As Loba, you’ll even be able to use your Passive to see if there’s any top-tier loot up for grabs before using your Ultimate.

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Although it’s unlikely the devs intended for a supply bin to be placed in this location, it’s well worth checking out if you ever land at the North Pad POI.

Some players have even speculated that the bin has been placed there ready for an explosive update in the future, similar to Fuse’s arrival on Kings Canyon.

However, this probably isn’t the case and it’s likely just a mistake from the devs which has accidentally created an interesting easter egg for the community.