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How to see how many Apex Legends Packs you’ve opened

Published: 17/Feb/2021 4:54

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players know every 500 Apex Packs guarantees at least 150 Heirloom Shards, to purchase items in the Heirloom Store. While it’s a grind to get that many packs, you can actually track how many you’ve already opened.

Mike, on Reddit as ‘mikezarandona,’ decided to create a solution for simply checking how many Apex Packs they’ve opened throughout the course of their time playing the game.

Since December 3, Respawn made it a point to make the 150 shard drop attainable every 500 packs. Zarandona mathed it out and built an application to estimate the amount of opened packs in your account has logged, thus cluing you in to how many more you’ll need.


The tool lets you input everything from what level you ended up in every season’s Battle Pass to any Daily Treasure packs you might have received for any quests.

How many Apex Packs have I opened?

apex legends packs calculator
Mike Zarandona
Calculate how many Apex Packs you’ve been able to open.

First thing’s first, to get started, there’s going to be basic information to input such as your Account level, if you’ve linked your Twitch prime, and such.

Going in any order you want, input your level for every season so far in Apex Legends. Of course, if you skipped a season or two, don’t put a number in.

Zarandona has some tips scattered throughout the site about where to find this info, and suggested: “checking the Season X badge on any Legend.”


apex legends packs calculator
Mike Zarandona
You can see a full report breaking down how many Apex Packs you’ve earned.

Since quests give a total of 45 Daily Treasure Packs, you can enter how many you were able to get during The Broken Ghost, The First Ship, or Family portrait.

Then there’s the last two entries that may be a bit tricky for some people: Purchased Packs & Bugs + Misc Packs. For most, both of these are going to be 0 if you haven’t bought any or if Respawn haven’t compensated packs for an errant bug.

Once you have all of your figures, you can view your Heirloom Progress, which will even have a report for the breakdown of all the packs you collected.